After a minute or two, Tom looked at his real daughter again. He was just in time to see Athena pull off Zoe’s panties. The girl quickly closed her legs, but Athena parted them again. She then moved in to finger Zoe. For a moment, though, Zoe’s legs were spread and her pussy was in perfect view. With that sight, Tom couldn’t hold it in any longer. He shot his cum into Sansa’s pussy while gazing at his daughter’s pink fuck hole.

Zoe couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight of her father finishing inside Sansa. Near the top of her celebrity-I-want-to-fuck list was Sophie Turner so seeing her doppelganger nude and used right in front of her was so damn hot. She would run up and lick her cum-filled pussy if not for the fact that it was her father’s cum and she also didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. Instead, she happily moaned as Athena played with her pussy, but at the moment she was in lust for Sansa.

“Go on. Have at her,” Tom said.

For a moment Zoe thought Tom was talking to her, but then Chloe hopped up and dove into Sansa’s spread legs. Zoe actually felt a slight amount of disappointment. Before she could make her look of disappointment disappear, Tom noticed it. He sat next to her on the edge of the bed. His dick was limp now, but sitting next to his nude daughter would surely bring it back to attention soon. Tom put his right hand of the back of Athena’s head. He didn’t push her into Zoe’s slit or anything like that. He just ran his hand through the cute girl’s hair. Athena continued to finger Zoe, but she tried to stifle her moans and groans with Tom next to her. The sounds of pleasure could be heard from Sansa, though, as Chloe continued her feast on the redhead’s pussy.

Zoe tensed as she felt her father’s left hand touch the small of her back. His ring and pinky fingers were a little too close the crack of her ass. Before she could say anything, Tom whispered in her ear, “Chloe was very wet when you two came into the room. You were playing with her before you came to spy on me, weren’t you?”

Another moan was gripping Zoe, so instead of speaking she took a few deep breathes, closed her eyes, and nodded as the wave of love for the feeling in her body washed over her.

“I thought so,” Tom replied. He kissed the back of her shoulder and made a circular motion with his hand. “Her pussy is right over there. Go, take it. And don’t worry, Athena will follow you. Your delicious cunt won’t be ignored. Now, go on.”

Tom pulled on Athena’s hair gently, removing her mouth from between his daughter’s legs. Athena moved to the side. Zoe got up slowly. She felt Tom’s hand release from her back. As he dropped his hand, he lightly brushed her ass cheeks. Zoe wasn’t all that surprised. She was surprised however when she started crawling across the bed toward Chloe and Sansa and a hand slapped her across her right ass cheek. She expected it to be Athena, but when she turned her head, she saw that her own father had just spanked her on her bare ass. She was about to lecture him on how wrong that was, but she couldn’t deny the warm feeling in her privates at the thought of his touches and his spank. Zoe quickly tried to put those thoughts out of her mind and turned back to start consuming Chloe’s beautiful pink hole.