The sight of his daughter on her hands and knees and turning her head back toward him after he smacked her on the ass, sent the blood back into Tom’s cock. He hardened quickly as he thought on the feeling of her lower back, then her ass crack, then her ass cheek on his hand. He wanted more. He wanted her. He had to have some self-control, otherwise he would violate Zoe’s pussy right here and now. He would take what he wanted whether she was willing or not. He had to keep himself in check.

Tom sent Athena to Zoe, so that he wouldn’t be tempted. However, he still had an idea of how next to push the boundary with his girl. It wouldn’t be with a fucking, but it would be a step in the right direction. Before he put his plan into play, Tom marveled at the sight in front of him. Four beautiful naked women forming a train of pussy-to-mouth enjoyment in front of him.

Tom laid down next to Athena while her tongue was deep in Zoe’s sweet cunt. He whispered what he wanted her to do into her ear. After a couple of minutes, Athena removed her head from between Zoe’s legs. A right-hand middle finger dug its way into Zoe’s wet pussy. Zoe made a sound of glee, mumbled by what she was working on in front of her. “You like that!?” Athena exclaimed. “You like my finger inside you!?”

Zoe’s sounds of agreement were likewise mumbled. She didn’t know, of course, that the finger inside of her was not Athena’s. After a few seconds of pumping the finger in and out of his daughter, Tom was ready to add another. Luck would have it just a few seconds after he had that thought, Zoe let up on Chloe long enough to say, “Put another in, Athena!”

Athena was actually giving Tom a handjob, but stopped a moment to respond with, “Beg for it, babe.”

“Please, please, please, fill my pussy with your fingers!” Zoe begged.

Tom was so proud of his daughter for her slutty attitude, and happily gave her his pointer finger too. She still hadn’t noticed that the fingers inside her were too big to be Athena’s. She was too close to her peak to notice. About half a minute later, Zoe tensed up. She once again stopped tongue bathing Chloe’s cunt. Last time, she tensed because she was nervous about how her father was touching her. Now, she tensed up as she reached her climax, not knowing that it was also due to her father’s touch. As she hit the crescendo of her orgasm, Tom removed his fingers and Athena put her face back in to lick away at all the pussy juice gushing from Zoe’s cunt.

After her orgasm, Zoe laid her head down on Chloe’s left ass cheek. She had already gotten Chloe to cum and Chloe had sucked all of Tom’s cum from Sansa. Now that she had cum too, she was exhausted. She gently pinched and groped Chloe’s other ass cheek. Her eyes were closed. She felt an intrusion at her lips. She opened her mouth to let in the two fingers. They tasted like pussy. Zoe sucked down on them, then opened her eyes.