Chas was giving me a good hard fucking from behind,whilst I was pleasuring the old guy, I could feel his cock start to twitch, a sure sign, he said im coming and I pulled his cock out and he shot his little load over my tits, he looked so happy with himself, and I had done my good deed, I didnt mind, I dont mind swallowing, usually, but I thought I had done enough for the dirty old git Lol

Chas withdrew and turned me onto my back, pinning my arms down on the bed and then shoving his stiff cock back into my pussy, kissing me hard our tongues entwined, I was starting to like this party.

My underwear had dropped off the side of the bed, and I guy had my g string by his nose, giving them a good sniff, each to their own, I felt Chas starting to cum, and he shot his hot load into me, lots and lots, I orgasmed at the same time, as he let go of my arms I beckoned the guy who had my panties to get on the bed, I pointed to my flooded cunt, and said, ok get your head down there and lick me clean and you can keep my panties, he quickly dropped down and started cleaning me out, I could feel his mouth sucking all the juices and chases cum out I thrust his head hard between my thighs, loving the feeling, his hands travelling down my body, grabbing my tits roughly and squeezing them, I noticed Wendy had come into the bedroom, in a state of undress, her blouse undone and her bra off, she looked like she had been ravaged good and proper Lol.

She climbed onto the bed gave Chas a snog, then she started to lick my nipples, sucking them gently, the guy had finished his clean up duties, so he got up, mouth soaked with my juices and cum, I kissed him deep and hard, wanting that taste back into my mouth, lovely,Wendy dropped between my legs and started to explore my pussy with her mouth, my God this girl knew how to please a woman,i thrusted my hips up towards her face, and she greedily lapped at my soaking cunt, I grabbed her and pulled her away, so that I could taste her soaking pussy, she tasted of sex, a musty, beautiful smell, I loved that, inserting my tongue as far as I could into her, makignher cum straight away , we kissed and laid there in each others arms for a few minutes, I could not believe how many people had watched our performance, though I of course know how much men like to watch two sexy women perform together.

Some of the guys obviously wanted to join us, I whispered in Wendys ear and said shall we let them ? She said im game if you are, so I called two younger guys over and said get your clothes off lads your in luck, they didnt need telling twice quicly removing their clothes, I pulled one towards me and kissed hom hard, Wendy doing the same, she has a lovely petite body,smaller then mine, though my tits are bigger Lol, { NOT TRUE WENDY x }
The guy who was on me started to Get his stiff cock and put it to my face, I grabbed it and started to give him a lovley blow job, he was mid twenties, and his cock was nice and firm quite long with a big head, which I ran my tonge around sucking him hard, the other guy had Wendy in a doggy and was thrusting into her hard, whilst pulling her hair back, mine wanted some of that so I obliged and went on all fours, he quickly found my gaping hole, and entererd easily, pumping away into me as hard as he could , no finesse here, but I didnt mind, sometimes you just want that passion hard! He was good his cock hammering away I could