I was sent to Dallas on a quick business trip and Ana asked me to come with me, just to pay a visit to some friends there.

We were resting in our seats during the flight and I could notice that she was looking in a persistent way at a black male flight attendant. He was a tall young man, handsome, but I thought he could be gay.

I asked Ana if she would like to have that man inside her.
She smiled and replied that he was just a good looking man and she knew what I was guessing; but he could not be gay…
I smiled and challenged her to prove I was wrong. She did not even answer me; my sexy babe just closed her eyes and rested her head on my shoulder.
When we were about half an hour from landing, Ana woke up, telling me she was going to the toilette.
I turned my head, watching and enjoying the soft swaying of her round hips when she walked to the aft section of the plane.
Twenty minutes later she came back, with an evil look in her eyes.
Her hair was a mess and her face was red, but she looked relaxed. She sat down and kissed me with her sexy open red lips.
I could notice some strange taste in her mouth.
Ana smiled, saying this was fresh semen, from the male attendant.
And she added that she was right; he was not gay…

My sensual wife had been locked with the black man inside the toilette and she had sucked his cock until he had filled her mouth with his salty semen.

Ana whispered in my ear that the name was Aaron and he would stay at same hotel we had hired. So, she had arranged he would fuck her hard in our own room, never mind if I wanted to be there as witness.
I answered that I would love to see her fucked by that black man and would enjoy it very much. I decided to be present there.
After checking at the hotel, we went to enjoy a walk and dinner.

When we had finished, Anita’s cell phone rang. She answered smiling at me. It was Aaron, ready to get into action if my sexy wife had not changed her mind.
She told him to be at our room in half an hour.
After finishing the talking, she grabbed my hand and put it behind the table, right inside between her thighs. The slut was not wearing panties and her pussy lips were already open and soaking wet.

Ana smiled, telling me she was fucking horny and was wishing to have that black man’s cock deep inside her slippery hot cunt.
She added that he had an impressive size and she thought he could tear her up with that monster black cock…
She asked me if I would agree to let Aaron fuck her in the ass.
I said it was fine for me, but only just if he was careful enough…