One time I was tired as hell I had been working for 12 hours, and then there comes this strange call from some one that said that she wants to be ANONYMOUS, from a city that is 130km far from where I live. so she said that she don’t know me but she is horny and she just dialled this number without knowing who it may be, she said believe me that this is not a joke or no one made me call, just that she is willing to get some sex from some one that she never knew before, and never seen before. Then I started to really doubt her because I was in relationship with someone else that I really loved her at that time. so I told her sorry I am not single and I an not help her, because I have some one that I really love, and I told her the name of the person that I love, because I was sure that my girl friend has asked some one to call me and see me if I was going to cheat on her. Well I shut down the phone then she called again a minute after, she said see man I am not willing to start e relationship with you or anything I only want some one that can have sex with me and only tonight and then I don’t want to see you again, and I said no sorry I can not do that for you. I shut down the phone again, well that night I was going sleep for e one or two hours so later I can go and have a dinner with my girl friend, so I went to sleep, phone rings again hmmmm I thought this is going to make me call the Police, I picked up the phone, and then she said you know I am a girl and you know that many girls believe in different things, she said that a very old woman told her to just dial any number on the phone and the first man that answers you have to have sex with him.
Then she said please do this for me. then I asked her where does she live she told me in Ferizaj and I told her are you crazy I need to drive to hours to get to you, she said yes but I have to have sex with you tonight.
Also said I am very beautiful girl, slim, young, that she had sex only with one person, so there was no doubt that she may be sick from aids or any thing.

I again said no I am not going to come there no meter what. She called again she said she is going to kill her self because she can not live with a bad luck and if I don’t sleep with her, her luck is just going to continue to be bad.

So I called my girl friend and told her I am sorry but I have some one that is calling me 4 times and telling me all what she told me. So I told my girl friend that I am going to see what is going on. She trusted me and told me ok you can go and talk to her, she trusted me because I had never before cheated on her.