[ Dedicated to BDJ. Who knows? Maybe, someday, somehow, something like this could actually happen, instead of just thinking about if! But, until then, this will have to suffice! ]

As I pulled into the Casey’s convenience store parking lot and past the fuel pumps, I was nervously scanning my eyes to see if I could spot where Jay was parked. My pulse was churning. I felt my heart rate starting to surge with the thought I’d finally be meeting Jay, that is, face to face, ‘in the flesh’, so to speak, for the first time since he and I had begun our curious ‘relationship’ as Master and sub (Jay being the Master, and me being the sub)!

He told me he be driving a pick up truck of a certain color, and sure enough, I saw Jay standing along side a pick up. He was waving both arms in the air in an attempt to catch my attention. The moment I saw him, my pulse surged once again. My god, I thought, there he is! Finally, at last.

I pulled in next to him and got out.

He was smiling (a little nervously I thought). He was handsome, late forties, with a slight amount of graying hair kept cut short; and tall, about 6′ 2″, or so; and nicely built. There was something about him that gave me the impression of a police officer, though he had no such uniform on. It had something to do with an air of calm authority.

“Well, finally,” Jay said smiling as we greeted.

“Yes,” I relied, in full agreement, “finally! I’ve been looking forwards to this for a long time.” It was true.

We stood in the parking lot for perhaps twenty minuets, or so, talking. As we did, there was still a certain feeling of unreality to the situation for me. Sometimes it’s that way when you’ve been anticipating something for a very long time, and then, eventually, you finally get to have the thing you’ve been anticipating; and that exactly how I was feeling as Jay and I stood there chatting.

But then he suggested I follow him. “There’s a place I know where we can go and have some…privacy.” He’d emphasized the word ‘privacy’, and had smiled faintly as he had; and this excited me all the more because I knew what that signified.

“You lead the way,” I replied, “and I’ll follow.”

And that was exactly what I did.

We drove out of town, down a series of dirt/gravel roads (maybe three or four miles) till we came to what looked like a large metal barn-like structure. As we drove in and parked, I noticed a sign above the overhead door advertising a welding and machine shop. Getting out of our cars, Jay led the way to a side entrance door. He had a set of keys with him and using one of the keys he opened the door, and I followed him inside.