Ashwathi Blacked in Goa Part twoAshwathi Blacked in Goa Part two 2Ashwathi Blacked in Goa Part two 3

Ashwathi hadn’t dared to walk out of her room. Instead she stayed in, had a shower, watched TV and then called her husband. She hoped he had flown out of the airport by now and would be here soon. She knew she was slipping and the only way to stop that was to have her husband by her side. But alas, the volcano was still spewing and the runways were still closed. Raghav wouldn’t be here for at least a couple of more days.

Vishwa watched the news on the TV. He recalled Ashwathi telling him about her husband being stuck at the airport. When the news anchor said the airports would be closed for at least a couple of more days, he smiled to himself, knowing that someone up there had thrown him a rope. He now had a couple of days to seduce and conquer Ashwathi’s mind and body.

After spending several hours inside the room, Ashwathi was bored to death. She had resisted the thought of going out from the fear of running into Vishwa again. Just the thought of him had a pulse racing and she knew if she came face to face with him, she’d be panting like a dog.

But now the sun had set and she could hear sounds of music coming from the surrounding clubs. She so wanted to go out on the town. She had planned to do so with her husband but he wasn’t there. Not that it was his fault but when she recalled how rude he had been with her in the morning, sympathy was giving way to resentment.

Just then she heard a knock on her door. Her heart skipped a beat, as she wondered who it could be. Perhaps it was the hotel staff she thought or perhaps it was Vishwa. She gingerly walked to the door and gazed through the peep hole. She gasped as she saw Vishwa on the other side.

She toyed with the idea of not opening it but then thought it would be too rude to do so. She opened the door and stepped back as Vishwa walked in.

He was wearing a blue beach shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. The shirt was of a size bigger than the regular but still one could make out the pumped up body underneath. The massive calves behind the shin flexed with each step. Along with the attire, his radian brown eyes and the towering persona had its effect on Ashwathi.

She kept looking up at him and he kept looking down at her. She was wearing a round neck T shirt which was pretty loose and from his vantage point, Vishwa could see down into her cleavage. His cock started showing signs of life again and he had to resist the idea of picking her up, throwing her on the bed and ravaging her nimble body but he had no plans to **** her. He wanted it to be consensual, the way it had always been.