Gifted with intelligence and beauty, Nora Hanim easily
breezed through her college courses and in record time
had obtained her doctorate’s degree in psychology. In
the two years since obtaining her doctorate degree,
her research and studies had brought about new insight
into an aged old theory. Thus, Nora (a short English
sounding version of her true Asian name) was instantly
recognized as an authority on the subject and invited
to give lectures on her new findings.

Nora’s beauty attracted many of the old crusty
researchers to attend the overflowing lectures in
which she spoke. Standing at 5’4″, she was taller than
the typical Asian woman, her skin a creamy white
highlighted with her long flowing black hair. Her
beautiful smile had all the men outwardly lusting for

As customary in Asian culture, Nora was very reserved
and merely considered herself as being fortunate in
life and never flaunted her beauty or brains. She had
married her longtime sweetheart after obtaining her
first college degree. And while studying for her
doctorate, she became mother to a son and daughter,
age 3 and 2 respectively. Everyone was amazed at how
she managed to accomplish so much while being married
and the mother of two young children.

Nora became quite popular and in much demand
throughout the Asian countries. In learning of an
exchange program with a major university in the United
States, Nora decided she would send a video of one of
her lectures in hope of getting such a prestigious
opportunity. She was surprised and happy to receive an
invitation, through the exchange program to lecture in
the United States. She was fluent in English and
wanted the opportunity to see the American culture.
Arriving in the United States with her family, Nora
was surprised at the diverse cultures and races of
people living in the country.

The Hakim family settled into a very nice cottage
afforded by the university. In two weeks, classes
would be starting and she would be lecturing in
several courses. She was scheduled to meet the
Director of Instructions, whom she had been
corresponding with and who had offered her this
wonderful opportunity to come to this major
university. She had never met the man but had talked
to him once over the phone and he had made her quite
welcome in his invitation to the university. She was a
bit nervous but looked forward to meeting the nice man
at their scheduled appointment, set for Thursday

On Thursday, Nora sat nervously in the Director’s
waiting room. Nora brushed her nervousness off as just
being a natural reaction and her upbringing. However,
it was very important for her to succeed in this
exchange program, especially it being in the United
States, which could lead to her being a full time
professor at a major university in the country.
Anyway, it would be quite disastrous to fail in this
endeavor for such news would not serve her well even
back in the Asian countries. She wondered what the
director would be like, hopefully as nice as he had
sounded on the telephone.