When they were done, the unconscious Asian beauty
would be covered from head to toe with the sticky
spend from the well-endowed men, each pulling out to
shoot their load onto her beautiful body. This was
their thank you appreciation from the good Dr. Garver,
thanking them for their generous donations to the
school’s athletic fund.

Hours later, Nora’s eyes squinted as she tried to
focus her eyes through the bright overhead lights
shining down upon her. Where was she? What a nightmare
she had just had. Trying to get up, she groaned at the
sharp pain emanating from between her thighs and
buttocks. Then it hit her squarely, this had not been
a nightmare. She had been brutally raped by Dr. Garver
and the mental retard referred to as his son Isaac.
She managed to turn over onto her side, then looked
down at her body, groaning at her degrading condition.

Her breasts and belly were covered in thick white
splotches, mainly dried with some splotches still
shining with the slimy gunk. Reaching down to her
aching vagina, she groaned in despair as her first
touch of her matted hair gave an indication of just
how much filthy slim had been deposited in her. She
groaned as she touched her tender cunt lips, inserting
a finger, then swallowing hard as she gazed at the
withdrawn finger covered in a thick layer of grayish

Fortunately for Nora, a fitted sheet had been put upon
the mattress. Stripping it from the mattress, she used
the soiled sheet to wipe her body, trying desperately
to wipe the slathering of spunk from her body. ‘How
could two men generate so much filth?’ she pondered.
She was certainly right for she was covered by the
spunk of the six men that had witnessed her rape from
the darkness of the room. One man had wrapped her long
silky black hair around his black cock and jerked off,
streaking her hair and face with his exploding cum.

Crawling on the floor to get her torn clothing, Nora
gathered her things but her undergarments were nowhere
to be found. Then she remembered that she had been
told that her lecture hall had a back entrance that
connected to the teacher’s lounge. Getting the key
from her purse, she found her way to the back door and
was relieved to find a sink and paper towels in the

At least she could wipe her body down and get rid of
some of the telltale signs and especially the stench
of raw sex. Going to the mirror, Nora gasped and
groaned in shame at the sight of her reflection.
Splotches of dried cum were on her face and her long
black hair was streaked with dried flaky white cum.

Arriving home, Nora shuddered as the living room light
was still on. Her loving husband had put the children
to bed and awaited her safe return. Hesitantly, she
got out of her car and prayed he would not notice her
torn clothing and the foul stench upon her.