Walking softly up the steps, she peered into the
lighted window, then gave a sigh of relief seeing that
her husband had dozed off in front of the television
set. Quietly, Nora walked around to the back door to
let herself in and then she would be able to sneak
into the bathroom without waking her husband. She
would later wake her husband to tell him to come to
bed, that he remained fast asleep when she had come

Nora knew she would never be able to tell her husband
that she been brutalized by Dr. Garver and his retard
son. Her husband would never want to touch her again
if he ever learned she had been brutalized and
‘ruined’ by filthy black cocks. She desperately wanted
to quit her job, to get away from the lecherous
director and his son.

How could she explain such a change of heart to her
husband or to the university where she had come from.
There was no way she could leave without leaving in
complete disgrace. Thus, she would have to go back to
the lecture hall tomorrow and clean up all evidence of
her vile and horrifying rape.

The next day, Nora quickly made breakfast for her
family wanting to get to the lecture hall before
anyone stumbled upon her place of defilement. Once
breakfast was over, she advised her husband she needed
an hour or two to finish up her preparation at the
lecture hall. Arriving at the lecture hall, Nora
shivered as she looked to the stage of her defilement.
She was shocked and surprised to see that the mattress
was gone and nowhere in sight. Going to the stage,
there was no trace of what had taken place the night

Returning to her car, Nora gave a sigh of relief that
all evidence of her defilement had been removed.
Unlocking her car door, she noticed a large brown
envelope laying on the driver’s seat. An envelope that
apparently had been slipped through the small opening
she had left in the driver’s window to keep the car

Opening the envelope, she removed the large
photographs contained within it. She shuddered in
horror as she gazed upon the incriminating set of
photos. The photos clearly depicted her in each, with
legs spread wide above her and the large black body of
Isaac’s spearing her. Each photo showed more and more
of the long black snake of a cock disappearing into
her snug little hole, till the entire length was
buried deep into her womb.

Over the next few weeks, Nora could no long find any
pleasure in lovemaking with her husband. His penis
felt so small as compared to the large monstrosity
that had ‘ruined’ her for good, as now she could
barely feel her husband’s tiny penis. Her husband
could not bring her to any satisfactory level of
excitement nor provide her with any pleasure at all.
Each time, her husband shot off quickly into his
protective condom, wearing it as he and Nora had not
wanted to expand their family for another few years.