As the next weekend approached, Nora and her husband
were out strolling, letting their children play in a
small grassy area. A silver Mercedes slowly pulled up
alongside of the strolling couple. Nora shuddered as
Dr. Garver stuck his head out and greeted them. Nora
was forced to introduce her husband to her immediate
boss, the man who had vicious raped her and had a hold
upon her, so as not to display her contempt in front
of her husband.

“Are you all set for this big weekend, Nora?” Dr.
Garver quizzed, smiling as he watched the young wife
stammer out the obvious lie she had already given her
husband, whatever it was. “Y-yes, Dr. Garver! I’m all
set to attend the seminar in San Francisco for the
weekend. I’ll be driving up for the conference,” Nora

That evening, the phone rang and Nora’s husband
answered it. Hanging up, Nora cringed in terror when
her husband announced that it was Dr. Garver on the
line. Speechless, Nora listened as her husband told
her how nice Dr. Garver was to invite him over to his
house to meet some of his friends since she’d be out
of town. He indicated it’s a stag night for the men,
card playing and beer drinking, stuff like that. Says
the university had students on call for babysitting
jobs, funded by the university to assisted sitting of
the staff’s children, “He’s sending a sitter over here
so I can get away.”

That weekend, Nora’s husband looked forward to meeting
the friendly Dr. and his friends. A nice break away
from minding the children while Nora was away. Going
to Dr. Garver’s mansion, he was quite impressed with
the luxurious setting and furnishings. He enjoyed the
various types of expensive beers served. He was
surprised that Dr. Garver took the time to make sure
he was introduced to all of his friends, surprised by
the comments that Dr. Garver told all his friends
about him.

He wasn’t much for card playing and watched as some
poker was played. Then Dr. Garver approached him and
talked about how lovely his wife was, telling him how
lucky a man he was to be married to such an
intelligent and beautiful young woman. Then the Dr.
escorted him to the film room where the stag show was
about to begin.

The other men began to filter in, apparently knowing
when the show would begin. Dr. Garver advised him that
the last flick would be one that all the men in the
room had participated in months ago with a beautiful
Asian woman. Gazing about the room, he scanned the
men’s faces to see if he could make them out again in
the film.

The first film was a standard porno flick showing a
beautiful redhead with the second showing a beautiful
blonde. The two flicks were the standard porno flicks
shown in movie houses where the men always pulled out
so the viewers could see the cocks spurt out its cum.
Still, the flicks were exciting for all the men who
were hooting and hollering.