Then the third film began and Nora’s husband
recognized that it was Dr. Garver himself in the
flick, caressing the petite body of an Asian woman.
With the woman on all fours, face buried down into the
pillow, he could not see her face but she sure had a
beautiful body. He wished his lovely Nora would let
her long hair down such as this young woman rather
than having it pinned up to always look prim and

Nora’s husband got an immediate hard on when he heard
the woman’s muffled groan into the pillow as the Dr.’s
long black shaft entered her. ‘God, I’d sure give
anything to see Nora get fucked like that!’ he mused
while stroking his rigid cock. The whining and
whimpering of the lovely beauty had all the men in the
room as excited as he was.

The man sitting immediately sitting next to got up and
left the room before Dr. Garver was done with the
little bitch. “Can’t say as I blame him! I’m about to
cum in my pants too. Guess he needs to jack off into
the toilet!” he mused, rather proud that he could last
longer than that fellow.

Once Dr. Garver grunted out his load into the tight
little cunt of the weeping beauty, a close up showed
her swollen cunt lips. Dr. Garver’s thumbs then spread
the lips apart, allowing a thick river of his cum to
drool out of the woman’s pussy lips. This was much
better than the regular flicks for this showed the end
results of a man’s cum drooling out of a bitch’s well
fucked hole – this was the real stuff!

He only wished he could get a glimpse of the lovely
woman’s face, but as the men in the room was in the
flick then the woman was apparently living in the
nearby area. With the large Asian community in this
city, he guessed the woman purposely kept her face
hidden from the camera so as not to be recognized and
embarrassed, but with that lovely body he knew she
must be a real beauty.

Watching the flick, he admired the length of Dr.
Garver’s mighty shaft as it emerged from the weeping
beauty’s slick cunt lips. Then Dr. Garver was replaced
by the man who had been sitting right next to him, the
man who left to relieve himself in the restroom. He
watched as this man took the woman in the missionary

Too bad the guy’s head blocked out a view of the
woman’s face but hearing her moans and pleas had his
cock ready to pop. ‘Man, that bitch is a wildcat!
She’s going to claw his back to shreds if she keeps
that up! Oh, man, I wish Nora would wrap her legs
around me like that!’ he softly moaned to himself.

After the flick ended, Nora’s husband wanted to jack
off so badly, as it seemed each of the guys in the
room had to relieve themselves at some point in that
lengthy flick. That last scene was awesome, hearing
that little bitch scream bloody murder when that long
black shaft slammed into her tight little ass. ‘God,
maybe someday Nora will let me do that to her! But I
doubt she’ll let me go that far,” he pondered.