The sight of the last fellow stuffing his black cock
into her mouth as was she was being buggered brought
the wish that Nora would put her mouth on him just one
time. This was surely an original movie for after the
men had obviously cum in both ends of the beauty, a
close up of her buggered little ass showed the
overflow of the thick goo into the crack of her ass
and eventually dripping down onto the bed.

Then the camera moved upwards behind the young woman’s
head as she lay on her stomach with her head over the
edge of the mattress, convulsing and coughing up the
rich semen as the large puddle slime spread onto the

The men had gathered for more drinks and they all
laughed together. The lucky guy who had his cock
sucked was laughing and giving high-fives, commenting
“Man, can you believe I was the first cock the little
bitch ever sucked? You should have seen her toss her
cookies! Guess my cum just had too much protein for
her!” He patted Nora’s husband on the back, “That was
the best blow job I’ve ever had! Nothing beats being
the first to stuff your cock down some young wife’s
throat! Her poor husband just don’t know what he’s
missing!” Nora’s husband laughed along with all the
men, wishing that he had been that lucky guy.

As it neared midnight, Nora’s husband thanked his host
for a swell time and bid goodbye so he could get home
and let the sitter off. The other guests remained had
and planned to stay all night. They would be going
down to the soundproof basement, where each had gone
off to during the showing of the last porno flick.

Unknown to Nora’s husband, that last showing was not
an old taped flick but in fact a live connection to
the soundproof basement of this mansion. He had been
watching live fuck scenes. It was fortunate that the
woman had kept her face out of the camera’s view, for
Nora’s husband would have had a heart attack seeing
that his lovely Nora was actually the ‘star’ of the

When the school year was over, a very pregnant Nora
and her family returned to their Asian home that they
had maintained. This would allow Nora to give birth in
her homeland and once recuperated return to the
university position in the United States. As their
country estate needed much repairs, Nora’s husband
gave in to her insistence that they bring Isaac home
with them, for he was good with their children and
also could do much repair work around the property,
servicing the equipment and machinery on the property.
But the only thing needing servicing and regular
oiling was the aching slit between her legs.

When Nora’s husband left for work each morning, he was
glad to see the giant Isaac helping care for the
little ones and how they loved to play with him. But
he would not have been so happy if he knew that once
he left, the black giant would then be playing with
children’s mother and that she loved playing with him,
his long black cock in particular.