While the children played their toys on the bedroom
floor, Isaac played with their lovely mother on the
bed, the bed that she shared with her husband at
night, with no attempt made by his wife to prevent the
children witnessing her daily dose of black fucking.
Although it was obvious that the newborn baby differed
from his siblings, Nora’s husband said nothing about
it and appeared to be quite loving to the newborn boy,
even with his darker features and kinky hair.

Returning to the university for the upcoming school
year, Nora’s husband felt quite fortunate that his
company had offices all over the world and was quite
accommodating to his wishes. He was just about to
leave the cottage when his lovely wife returned from
dropping the children off at the day care. Nora looked
so elegant in her dress as she advised that she was
having a meeting with Dr. Garver at his office.
Driving off, through is rear mirror he noticed a large
gray car turn into his driveway. A gray car that
looked quite like Dr. Garver’s silver Mercedes.

Parking his car, Nora’s husband made his way back to
the cottage. Listening carefully, her heard his wife’s
mewling and whimpering coming from the sound of their
bedroom. Entering through the backdoor, he slipped in
quietly. Moving slowly, he peered into the bedroom
that he shared with his lovely young wife.

The sight before him was one to behold. On the floor
was the elegant dress his wife had on just minutes
ago, with her lacy bra and panties nearby. His cock
quickly rose to attention as his lovely wife was
totally covered by the humping black body. All he
could see of his lovely wife were her arms wrapped
around the broad black neck and her long trim legs
wrapped around the pumping black butt.

Hearing Nora’s whimpers and pleas made her husband’s
stomach churn as she begged, “Fuck me, yes, you’re so
long and thick, so much bigger than my husband… so
much BETTER! YES! Give me your hot seed! Fuck your
baby into me! Give me your black baby!”

Listening intently, Nora’s husband felt his heart sink
when he heard Dr. Garver tell Nora “You’ve given me a
beautiful grandchild. You’re the perfect mother for
Isaac’s baby! Now I want you to be the mother of my
baby. I want to give my grandchild to have a playmate.
I want to give him a son to play with!” He watched at
the huge black body speed up the hump, heard his wife
moan in a climax such as he had never brought her to,
followed by her boss’ grunts and groans as he emptied
his potent seed.

After the humping ceased, Nora’s husband moved out of
sight but listened intently. He heard Dr. Garver’s
deep voice “Think I’ll have another stag party soon.
Can you believe that your husband was duped into
really thinking it was a flick he was watching? He
thought that guys were getting out of their seats to
relieve themselves. Well, he was right to a certain
point but he’d have fainted that they were going to
the basement to relieve themselves in his precious
little wife! Ha, ha! If he only knew the ‘star’ of the
show was his own lovely wife and he was watching you