“Oh, Dr. Garver, you’re a devious old man!” Nora
quipped. “You blackmailed me into being the ‘star’ of
that last stag show. Don’t you need to be certain that
the starting five of the basketball team deserves to
be honored for winning the conference last year? I
wonder if our 7’2″ center lives up to the myth of the
black man, like you do? I’ll volunteer to be the
‘star’ of the show if I can sample that big cock!”

Nora laughed, then gurgled. Puzzled as to what was
taking place, Nora’s husband peered back into his
bedroom. He gazes at his lovely wife going down on the
long black cock, bobbing her head up and down till it
erupted down her gulping throat, the copious amount of
cum spill over her sweet lips and flowed down her chin
to drip onto the mattress.

Having witnessed his wife’s infidelity, Nora’s husband
was beside himself. Slipping out of the cottage, he
wandered back to his car and drove to his workplace.
Unable to concentrate at work, he wandered about and
ended up in the seedy part of town. He looked up to
see a rundown porno theater playing a supposedly newly
released flick called “Asian Delight”, indicating that
it showed a beautiful young Asian being raped by big
black dongs.

Watching his lovely wife and her boss, he wanted to
see more such couplings. He stayed the entire day
watching the rape of a beautiful woman by a black
retard and his devious father, followed by six other
black men dumping their load onto her body. He
couldn’t take his eyes off the screen, excited by the
vicious rape of this innocent young beauty, especially
since the ‘star’ of the show was his own lovely wife.
Upon leaving, he paid the $200 for a video tape of
that exciting flick.

That evening, Nora’s husband crawled up to his lovely
wife’s head, intent on getting the pleasure he had
always dreamed of. How he had dreamt of his lovely
wife sucking his cock till he exploded. But he was
stunned and shocked when Nora slapped him with all her
might, sobbing, “What do you take me for? I’m not that
kind of woman who would do such a filthy thing!”

He was fortunate that his wife took pity upon seeing
his need to relieve himself, taking his pulsing member
and wanking it in her soft hand. Fortunate that his
lovely wife was going to let him make love to her, but
only if he put on that damned condom, because this was
her most fertile time of month.