Little did Nora know that the Director of Instructions
was in his office watching that very video again, for
what could have been over the hundredth time. He
played it in slow motion when the video had a close up
of this lovely Asian beauty. He had met lovely Asian
women at times but this woman in the video had him

He had often wondered what it’d be like to possess a
lovely petite Asian beauty but had never had the
opportunity. He intended to make this lovely woman his
first and in the manner he loved most, that being
forcibly taking her and seeing the horror in her eyes
when he brutally ‘ruined’ her with by shoving his 12″
black cock into her tight slit.

Nora nervously stood up and followed the director’s
secretary when she was called. She straightened out
her yellow skirt, wanting to look neat and presentable
to the director. She had wearing a matching yellow
jacket, white blouse and 3″ white heels. Her skin was
creamy smooth without any blemishes whatsoever, though
she tried to be conservative, her beauty had men’s
heads turning whenever she passed.

Stepping into the spacious office, Nora shivered at
the sight of the darkest man she’d ever laid eyes
upon. She had no idea Dr. Garver was an African-
American, his speech gave no hint of his racial
background. She looked up at his tall and bulking
frame, swallowing hard to catch her breath.

Never had she dealt directly with any black man,
though she had seen some on the U.S. military bases in
the various countries in Asia. She nervously shook the
hand of the smiling director, her dainty hand fully
encompassed by his large black one.

Nora nervously fidgeted about in the chair, directly
across Dr. Garver. Nervous at the feeling that his
glaring eyes were stripping her of all her clothing,
how his gaze seem to rest on her bare legs. The
conversation was polite and it was obvious Dr. Garver
was trying to put her at ease, which she greatly
appreciated. Still, she could not get the comfortable
feeling back.

She shook her head a bit, trying to get the nagging
questions out of her curious mind ‘Is it true what
they say about black men? Is he really built much
bigger than my husband?’ Finally composing herself,
Nora went on to explain her plans on her lectures and
how she planned to make it worthwhile to the students.

Nora was quite dedicated in being certain the students
that attended her lectures came out with added
knowledge, something that would be of benefit to them
in real life. Thus, she always made sure that things
were set up in advance with all the necessary
equipment working properly. She always made it a point
to go in on the weekend ahead before the scheduled

When she had explained that she had wanted to go in
early, before even the other staff members, Dr. Garver
was quite pleased and immediately made a call to the
head custodian with instructions to bring a key to the
building and lecture hall to his office. Shortly
before her meeting with the director was to conclude,
the trustee had arrived. Dr. Garver got on the
intercom and instructed his secretary to send ‘Issac’
right in.