Upon the entrance of the custodian, Nora cringed at
the sight of this large black man with the dumbfounded
look. She was introduced by Dr. Garver and politely
shook the large black paw of this black creature. She
was given the key to the building and lecture hall by
this quiet man, whose eyes were riveted upon her. She
shivered as this creature would not release her hand.

Dr. Garver chuckled and advised her “You must excuse
Issac for his poor manners and for his starring at
you! It’s obvious he’s never seen a beautiful woman
such as you! He’s got the mentality of child but he is
loyal and strong, so I make certain that he is cared
for in return.”

Nora blushed but could not let her gaze drop down to
the obviously bulging crotch of this giant retard. The
thought went through her mind that this black retard
surely possessed a cock the size of the donkeys in

When the retard finally released her hand and made his
leave, Nora took a deep breath to compose herself.
“Oh, Dr. Garver, that poor boy! He must lead such an
unhappy life!” she commented, feeling pity for the big
black giant who short in the intelligence department.
Then, Dr. Garver’s reply stunned her “Well, my dear,
don’t be surprised but I’ve learned that he is quite
happy when it comes to the opposite sex! It seems, as
I saw you had noticed, that he is very well-endowed!”

Nora blushed and stammered “I-I…”

“Don’t be bashful Nora! I know that all women wonder
if the stereotype of black men is really true!” he

Nora didn’t know how she managed to finish the meeting
with Dr. Garver. She didn’t know what to make of him,
first being very nice and welcoming followed by his
rather lewd remarks. Then she rationalized that it was
just probably the culture in the United States and
were so much more open. Yet she was so embarrassed as
to what Dr. Garver had said and again wondered if it
was really true.

As Saturday approached, Nora and her family had an
early dinner at a nice restaurant near the campus. Her
husband said it was no problem for him to play with
the children and put them to bed. Thus Nora did the
driving on the way back, dropping her husband and
children off at their cozy cottage.

Dr. Garver had advised her that although the
university was not in session, her lecture hall was in
use by a couple civic organizations throughout the
days till classes began. Thus, she would have to do
her room preparation late if she desired to do so. She
had told the Director that she and her husband were
busy with the movers and that she’d make the
preparations on that Saturday evening. Being
accustomed to the minimal crime rate in Asian
countries, she was not aware that one had to be quite
cautious in America.