Driving across the university campus, there were very
few people walking about. Nora pulled her car up to a
dark and deserted building. Fortunately she had
brought a flashlight to find her way to the lecture
hall, where she could then turn on the lights. She had
been shown the lecture hall when she had first arrived
on the campus and thus knew where it was located.

Inserting the key, the door to the lecture hall opened
easily. As Nora stepped into the dark lecture and
reached to the side for the light switch, large arms
grasped her across her shoulders and encircled her
calves. “Awwwwww! HELP! Someone! Help me pleaseeeee!”
Nora screeched in absolute terror.

Suddenly the small stage where the podium would
normally be was lit up by spot lights, with what
appeared to be a small mattress on the otherwise bare
stage. But the surrounding lecture hall remained in
darkness, with Nora observing the large shadow of a
man’s back, his arms around her legs and carrying her
toward the lighted stage. The manner in which she was
being held prevented from seeing the man behind her.

Her body began shaking in fear. As she approached the
lighted stage, a large hand was clamped over her eyes.
“Please! P-please… please let me go!” she pleaded.

As she had just come from a restaurant with her
family, Nora was nicely dressed in a navy blue skirt,
white blouse and navy blue heels. She had eliminated
wearing any hose due to the warm summer heat and since
it merely an outing for a family dinner.

She shivered in fear, continuing her pleas to be set
free and froze as she was laid out onto the soft
mattress. Suddenly, she was blinded by the overhead
spotlights, the hand removed from her eyes. Blinking
rapidly, her eyes began to focus. She gasped at the
sight of the hideous grin of Isaac, the giant retard.
Panting in fear, she looked down to see his huge paws
caressing her cream legs.

Then Nora looked up as a dark shadow appeared above
her. In fear, Nora stammered out “D-Dr. Garver…
what’s happening… please stop him… please help me
up!” She shivered as she felt the Dr.’s large hands
caress her arms that were pinned over her head, the
exploring hand moving down to cup her breasts over her

She gasped at the unwanted stimulation being generated
by the Dr.’s thumbs searching for and finding her
sensitive buds that were rising under her thin blouse
and bra. No one but her husband had touched her so
intimately, having a very conservative and religious
upbringing, having entered her marriage as a pure and
untouched virgin.

“Ahhhh, my dear Nora, you’re so lovely!” Dr. Garver
commented as his hands massaged her soft but firm
breasts, tweaking at the stiffened nipples. “You felt
so sorry for poor Isaac the other day that I thought
you’d like to give him some pleasure in poor wretched
life. Remember what I said about him? Well, after you
left my office, Isaac returned to tell me just how
much he wanted you and what he’d like to do to you. I
want to see that this poor boy gets some pleasure in
life too, after all, shouldn’t a father see that his
‘son’ is taken care of!”