The stunned look on Nora’s horrified face indicated
that what he had just told her had sunk in, that she
was to be the object of his retarded son’s pleasure.

Suddenly her crisp white blouse was grasped by the
Dr.’s large hands and roughly yanked very hard, her
buttons popping and exposing her lacy bra.
Immediately, the rough hand pushed the soft lacy bra
over her small but perfectly form breasts, exposing
her now hardening brown nipples. “Look at those lovely
peaches, my boy! Go on, suck on these beauties!” Dr.
Garver told his son.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Nora moaned as the black retard bent
over her and began slobbering on breasts, feeling as
if an animal was devouring her.

“Please… pleaseeeeee… pleaseeeeee stop,
pleaseeeee!” Nora sobbed, begging her tormentors to
stop this humiliation, her long silky black hair
whipping from side to side. No man other than her
husband had ever touched her breasts and when he did,
it was in a soft caress or a tender sucking of her
sensitive nipples. “Ohhhhhhhh!” she groaned as the
retard nipped at a hardened nipple causing a sharp
pain to run through her body. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” she moaned
when the slobbering mouth seem to take in an entire
breast, as if he was truly feasting upon her.

When the slobbering ceased, Nora moaned softly from
the stimulation being generated by the rapidly
flicking tongue upon her stiff wet nipples. Her
nipples had always been quite sensitive and whenever
her loving husband had touched them, she quickly got
in the mood for passionate lovemaking. She arched her
back up a bit to now seek more of this maddening
sensation caused by the teasing tongue. Unconsciously,
Nora squeezed her trim thighs together in response,
squeezing some slick love juice from her now moist

Then the large black body sat up and with a mighty
yank, the fastenings to her skirt were gone. Then the
navy blue skirt and light blue panties were slowly
being drawn down her trim creamy legs. Next, she felt
her navy blues heels being removed from her dainty
feet. She felt some movement at her feet, both of her
trim ankles pinned to the mattress by one large hand.

She shivered in fear upon hearing the sound of a
zipper being undone below her. Her body’s slight
shivering disgust turned immediately to a violent
shuddering when her ankles were lifted a bit and her
dainty feet were wrapped around a thick fleshy object.
She felt so humiliated and disgusted as she realized
that the retard was actually fucking between her now
slick soles, slippery from the flow of his leaking
black cock.

Nora’s mind was in total disbelief at what shameful
act she was actually doing. Yet, she couldn’t believe
the large hands around her ankles were forcing her to
stroke what she at first was the retard’s cock. But
what her dainty feet was moving up and down on just
couldn’t be the retard’s cock. Though it was warm and
fleshy to the touch, the length and girth made it seem
to be the size of the thick logs she used to gather
for making fires. No human could possess such a might
weapon, it was just not humanly possible.