Fucking the soft delicate soles of this beautiful
woman had Isaac groaning softly with each pleasuring
stroke. Several moments into this pleasurable fuck,
Isaac loosened his grip on the woman’s trim ankles,
finding that her delicate feet remained cupped for him
to fuck into. As he continued fucking between the sole
delicate soles, Isaac had totally released his hold of
her ankles, his arms to his side as he rocked back and

Kneeling on her arms with adequate pressure but
without hurting her, Dr. Garver put his hands to the
back of her head, lifting her head up a bit so she
could get a good look at what she was doing at the
moment. He ordered the captive beauty to open her
eyes. Nora obeyed the gruff command. Opening her eyes,
she gasped at the sight and realization of what she
had been doing for minutes without Isaac’s hands
gripping her ankles.

She realized that she was actually rubbing her soles
tightly onto the massive black cock, masturbating the
slick shiny black bar. As the black cockhead flared
widely, the length of the withering monstrosity
reminded Nora of the large poisonous black snakes that
populated the jungles of her home country.

Mesmerized by the hypnotic black snake that flared its
head widely as it neared her, Nora unconsciously
squeezed it harder between her delicate soles, pumping
at it faster and faster. Then it appeared as if the
snake began seething out its flanging black head, its
thick slivery venom about to drool from its mouth.
Without thinking, Nora’s cupped soles moved up to the
thick black cockhead, rubbing the slimy mucous about,
then began pumping her cum slick soles faster and
faster down the length of the quivering black snake.

Suddenly Isaac stood up and began to shuck off his
clothing, loving the horrified look of the pinned
beauty, whose eyes could not leave his pulsating black
monstrosity of a cock. Stepping forward, he again
grasped an ankle in each hand and stretched the lovely
woman wide apart, reminding him as to how he had
spread tiny butterflies apart before pinning them to a
board. This dark hair beauty would be his butterfly,
the mattress served as the board, and his giant black
cock would serve to pin the beauty down firmly.

Nora watched in terror as the black retard stepped
forward, dropping to his knees between her widespread
thighs. Her eyes bulging wide in horror as the giant
retard began handling his giant monstrosity, watching
it twitch and quiver madly in his pumping hand. Then
she realized that this giant retard’s inhuman size
cock was going actually going to ‘rape’ her, he was
going to mercilessly fuck that long black snake into

Her mind began racing ‘How can such a monstrosity fit
in me? He’ll kill me if he shoves it into me! Oh, my
God, what if he gives me a black baby? How can I ever
face my husband and our families again? I’ll never be
able to return to my country if anyone learns of this
degrading rape!’