“Pleaseeeee… oh, please Dr. Garver, stop him! It’ll
never fit… he’ll kill me if he tries to get such a
thing in me. Pleaseeeeeeeee!” Nora sobbed. “Please, I
have been quite true to my husband and want to remain
so… please, no, nooooooo! Stop him! Stop him! NOOO!!
He’ll give me a baby! I-I… can’t have a black baby!”
she panted in fear as the thick black snake head
nuzzled up into her dark bushy triangle, parting the
way to her fertile nest.

“Oh, God! NOOO!!” she screeched, feeling the force
being put behind the gigantic prong but it had not
even entered her as yet, unable to stretch her opening
wide enough to admit it but definitely threatening to
plunge through her resistance.

“My dear little Nora, I choose you out of the hundreds
of applicants for the job. It was the sight of your
tight little ass that got you the job. Hell, you’re
certainly qualified for the job but there’s many
others out there with far more experience. Baby, your
creamy tight ass is gonna be all mine. Imagine what a
bonus it’d be if you were to bear my first grandchild,
your beauty and intelligence will surely override
Isaac’s hideous looks and shortness of smarts. Just
feel the size of his might shaft! When he stuffs it
into your little belly, you’ll think it’s a baby
already in your belly!” the Dr. laughed, adding
“Perhaps in nine months you’ll be squeezing a real
black baby out from your little belly!”

“C’mon Isaac, make pretty Ms. Nora the mommy of your
little black baby! See if you can make me a proud
grandpa! Stretch her good with your big black stalk!
Plant your baby in her little tummy!” Dr. Garver
goaded his son. Watching his son trying to force his
oversized cockhead into the tiny little slit, he
wondered if in fact it’d ever fit without tearing the
lovely beauty too badly.

He knew that the only way Isaac’s cock would ever fit
would be by great force. In a way he felt pity for the
petite woman but he was going to love hearing her
scream in pain when Isaac began plunging his giant
cock into her. With that, he goaded his excited son
into action “C’mon son, pop her wide open! Shove it in
her! Knock the little lady up!”

“Aieeeeeeeeee!!” Nora shrieked as her legs were bent
further back and the heavy body leaned heavily upon
her, ramming the black prong forcibly into her tight
slit. The long silky black hair whipped wildly from
side to side in disbelief of what was happening. “Oh,
pleaseee! No PLEASE! IT HURTS SO BAD!” she wailed in
agony, sobbing at this horrible rape. “Oh God nooooo!”
she whimpered as the cockhead pushed through her tight

Bending the little beauty over in two, Isaac chuckled
as he began his short brutal jabs, loving the shrieks
of the distraught woman. Fucking a woman, especially
such a lovely woman as this, was the only thing good
in his miserable life.