He wanted to please his father for being so nice to
him and bringing this beautiful woman to him to play
with. He had heard what his father had said to him and
indeed wanted to please him by putting his black baby
into this little beauty. To make her the mother of his
little baby would be his ultimate achievement.

The shrieks and wails of the sobbing young wife echoed
throughout the lecture hall, all being recorded by the
three video camcorders set up on tripods near the
stage. The entire rape was been put on tape by the
evil professor. The film would keep the little lady
under his control, knowing the harmful effects it
would have upon her life and career if released in her
homeland, showing her talents as the ‘star’ of this
porno rape film. He would be able to make a sizable
sum by releasing this film to the underground where
‘real’ rape flicks commanded a hefty little sum.

Thrust after thrust, inch by inch, the thick black log
gorged its way into the snug little opening. Isaac was
turned on by the chants of the distressed beauty’s
chant. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” All in timing with each of his
forceful thrust.

Finally, there was only 3-inches left to go. The
little lady had somehow managed to take 10″ of his
thick log up into her little belly. With the goading
and encouragement of his smiling father, who held the
beauty’s arms down for him, Isaac slowly reared back
till only his cockhead was enveloped. Then, he dropped
down onto the petite frame with all of his weight, his
cock plunging down mercilessly and drawing a loud
piercing scream. “Aieeeeeeeeeeeee!” Nora screamed in
agony as the intense pain shot through her entire

Nora groaned aloud, panting to catch her breath, the
pain emanating from her ravished and brutalized slit.
Shivers ran through her pain racked body as her brutal
rapist began slow fucking motions, withdrawing a foot
of his cock slowly and then sliding it back home.

Bent nearly in two, her rapist leaned further forward
and this brought shock waves throughout her pain
wracked body, but these were now shock wave of
pleasure. Something she had never before experienced,
even after all these years of lovemaking with her
loving and considerate husband. Isaac’s movement into
this new position had caused this cock to now
continuously rub against Nora’s clit, causing this
never before felt sensations.

Suddenly Nora mouth gaped open, her body tensing
throughout, arching up to keep the long black snake of
cock buried deep in her fertile womb. She screamed as
contractions shook her entire petite body. Never had
Nora experienced an orgasm of such magnitude. This
orgasm made lovemaking with her husband over the years
seem like mere petting. Her body swooned from the
aftermath of the exotic sensations of a mind-
shattering orgasm.

Drifting slowly back down to earth, reality began to
set in as the pulsing black snake pulsed madly within
her, threatening to strike and spit out its potent
venom. Fear set in as Nora contemplated the disastrous
consequences should this black retard unleash his
potent seed deep within her fertile womb. Looking back
above her, Nora begged “Please Dr. Garver, please make
him take it out, please, oh, please… I’ll get
pregnant!” Then she gasped loudly and arched up again
in another mind shattering orgasm brought on by the
hot gush of the sticky hot venom.