Nora was in an absolute daze and was not aware of what
was happening around her. When her ankles were
released, her legs fell limply onto the mattress to
the sides of the giant retard. But when the slightly
dwindling monster cock was being withdrawn, the camera
recorded Nora’s attempts to entwine her trim legs
around the big black buttocks, trying desperately to
keep the pleasure giving shaft within her. She was
unaware of her pleas. “Oh, no… noooo… ohhhhh…
don’t… please leave it in!”

Minutes later, her belly now empty of the monstrous
cock, Nora was turned over and positioned on all
fours. It was quite a sight with her creamy smooth ass
making a beautiful presentation to the demented Dr.
Her thighs wide spread, thick slimy goo pouring out of
her raped slit, drooling down each thigh onto the
mattress below. Her gaping wide hole overflowing with
the slimy gunk.

Large hands upon her hips, holding her steady, Nora
was not fully aware of the grave danger of her
position. Then she felt a thick hot arm lying on top
of her buttocks. Then it came to her, Dr. Garver had
one hand on each of her hips, that hot fleshy bar on
her buttocks was in fact the Dr.’s hot black cock.
Realizing what the Dr. intended to do, Nora began
squirming and tried desperately to escape the grasping

Holding tightly onto the trim hips, Dr. Garver smiled
knowing that the lovely young wife realized just what
he intended to do. Nothing better than having an
innocent young wife know his vile intent and have her
squirm to save the plundering of her tight little ass.
He was going to love ramming his long black cock up
her tight little chute.

Letting his cock slide down into position, he got the
exact response he had been hoping for. Smiling, he
listened to the little lady’s stammering, “P-please…
no, Dr. Garver… no one’s ever touched me there
before… please!” With a wide grin, Dr. Garver
couldn’t believe his luck as he prepared to claim her
cherry little ass and he was going to love hearing the
beautiful young wife scream when he stuffed it to her.

“Arggggggghhhhhhh!!” Nora sobbed, her ass hurting so
bad, even more painful than the rape of Isaac’s giant
cock. Tears poured from her eyes as she hung her head
down in shame as the demented director rammed his
lengthy cock into her once virgin ass. What Nora
didn’t expect was the Dr. reaching around her thigh to
finger her sensitive clit while he buggered her.

She groaned as the combination rubbing of her clit and
ass buggering brought her unexpected pleasure and to a
wild climax, just as her ass was flushed out with his

The humiliating and degrading sexual acts caused Nora
to swoon into a dead faint. She lay unconscious on the
now cum drenched mattress. With the camcorders still
playing, the ‘real’ rape porno flick would also
include the six large black men who had witnessed
everything from the darkened seats in the lecture
hall. Now it was their turn at the lovely young woman.