I hate this, I thought. It’s always so nerve wracking to get a new one. Why couldn’t the old guy have stayed in business. He was nice, he was non-threatening, he was gentle, he knew my history. I was only slightly uncomfortable, as always, when he started poking around down there. And now, a NEW guy. Crap. I hate that. Even the receptionist acted different, odd, funny. Giving me that half smile. Wonder what that was about? Oh well, if I hate him, I can always find another one. Oh, I forgot I wanted to shave myself. Maybe I’ll do it when I get home, so if I don’t like this new guy I can wash him off of me and start over, smooth. New beginnings.

Meanwhile, though, I can’t shake this nervousness. Ever since that hypnotist appointment, even though I came out of it feeling like I had been royally screwed (in a good way), I’ve been a little uneasy, and now this! Stop trembling, he’ll be fine. He is a professional. And I am as new to him as he is to me, so maybe he will be a little uneasy, too, so stop worrying. And stop shaking. Everything will be fine.

Oh, I hear his voice outside the door. Nice. Deep. Smooth. Sounds nice. Now I hear the door. Oh, God. No escape, now. Am I sweating? Oh, no! I can feel a rivulet of sweat running down between my breasts and showing through the gown. Crap! Now he’ll know I am a wreck. Stop, Domi!

“Hello, Ms. Dominique Natascha. Hm, how may I address you?”
“Good morning, doctor.” I smile at the good-looking man in a white lab coat entering the room “You may call me Domininque, or Domi for short.” The man nods and moves over to the washstand to clean his hands and continues talking over his shoulders “I see it is the first time with me. So what can I do for you, Ms. Dominique?” “Well, I just need my regular check-up and my old gynecologist retired so I had to look for a new one to do the examination.” I explain and my voice cracks at the end. The man smiles “Oh, do I hear a little nervousness in your voice? I can assure that you came to the right place.” Having finished to clean and dry his hands, the doctor turns around grabs a pair of rubber gloves and puts them on, regarding me – and surely seeing how my breasts are outlined under the gown. He pulls a chair over to sit next to me. “Oh dear, you are basically shaking.” After he said it, I realize that it is true, I tremble slightly and feel goosebumps on my skin. “Hm, if you want I can give you a light sedative. This way, the examination will be much comfortable for you and you’ll probably loose your fear till the next appointment.” I give him a doubting look at which he just laughs “Oh, don’t worry. I only speak out of experience. I have a lot of patients that are nervous, but the sedative always helps. So should we try it?”
I reflect for a short time. But what option do I have? I’ll eventually have to get this check-up. So why not take his sedative and get it over with. What’s the worst to happen? He seems to have a good on-going business, so it’s not really likely that he’ll turn out to be a pervert. “Alright doctor, you’ve got me convinced. I’ll take the sedative.” “Excellent” A big smile appears on the doctor’s face an he gives his chair a push to roll over to a cupboard and takes out a small box of pills. He rolls back and hands me one pill, and after a bit of thinking another one and puts the box on the table next to us. “You appear to be extremely nervous, I think two pills will have a better effect. Take them with a glass of water and I’ll be back in a minute or so to check on whether the effects are already starting to show.” He hands me a glass of water and leaves for the moment. I look at the two pills in my hand, shrug and gulp them down.