I am not usually susceptible to medications, and when I am, it takes quite some time for them to take effect. This time, however, the effect was instantaneous–and like nothing I had ever experienced. Not only did it calm me to the point of closing my eyes and slowing my breathing almost as if I were falling asleep; I began to feel something pleasantly odd between my legs and in my abdomen. I was–no, this can’t be–becoming sexually aroused! In virtually an instant! My nipples were growing hard and starting to protrude, clearly peaking under the gown and showing their presence to all who would look. The almost queasy feeling in my gut transformed itself into that exceedingly pleasant, warm, rolling sensation, sending waves of pleasure down, down to my center, to my core, to my pussy. Tingling. Getting moist. Little ripples of my muscles inside, wanting to open its lips, to be touched, stroked, caressed, played with, filled.
I couldn’t help myself. I lifted my hands to my breasts and cupped them, feeling the now-hard nipples poking up through the gown into the palms of my hands. I closed my fingers around them involuntarily, and squeezed them gently, then more firmly. Waves of pleasure filled them. Better stop this, I thought, before he comes back in and sees me playing with myself. That would never do. I lifted my head and looked through the frosted glass door. Seeing no shapes outside the door, I slid one hand down between my legs and cupped my pussy through the gown, letting my middle finger press gently but firmly into my slit. My breathing had picked up–a lot– and I could tell that my face was growing red from my arousal. It felt so good, my touching and cupping my pussy, that I almost didn’t care if the doctor came in right then and caught me. And yet I was terrified that he just might. I was confused; it was as if I had no control over what was happening to me, and I was doing it myself! My head went back and a long, slow moan escaped my lips. Now I could feel that I wasn’t just moist down there; I was downright wet! I wanted something against my pussy, rubbing, pressing, teasing. I wanted this feeling to last forever. If I kept this up, I knew I would orgasm, but I didn’t care any more. The feelings were senational; better than ever before. I was as if my pussy was on fire, but a very gentle, pleasant fire. My hips began to rise and pulse into my hand as if to draw it into me, while my other hand alternately squeezed and rolled each of my nipples in turn. I had never felt them so hard and so prominent. They felt marvelous, and they kept sending more and more waves of pleasure to my naughty little pussy. Now I was downright humping my own hand, and it felt so good, sooo good.
“Well, well, Ms. Dominique, I see you are enjoying my little pills!” Oh My God! The voice was coming from behind the exam table! He must have come in through another door, one I hadn’t noticed! How long had he been watching me? What had he seen? I wanted to get up and run out of there, gown and all, but I couldn’t move. I tipped my head back and looked up at him, now standing right above me, alternately looking at my face, then my tits, then my pussy with my hand still there, then back to my face. I turned my head to look away and avoid his gaze, and then I saw it: right next to my head, almost touching my face, a huge tent in his pants. OMG–he was as aroused as I was! What was I going to do?