The doctor started to walk around the chair and while turning aound to face me, he finished slipping into his second white inspection glove with a loud clap. He gave me a broad smile. “I am glad you already prepared yourself for the inspection, not all patients are so courteous. Now please put your feet on the stirrups.” He pointed at the two fixtures next to me and without hesitation I raised my legs on rested my feet there – spreading my legs for him, my hand still over my clit. -oh god, what am I doing? I don’t want this- Thoughts are racing through my head, but I can’t help myself as my body simply reacts. The doctor smiles even broader “Good, good. I see you must have swallowed both pills at once. That is very good.” He produced a small plastic bottle from a pocket in his coat and put in on the table. Its contents made a rustling noise. “We might need this later. But first things first. Now please, would you remove your finger from your vagina.” I slid it out with a feeling of regret and placed both hands on my thighs. “Good, now I see that you are unshaved. I am afraid, but for a thorough examination I require my patients to be smooth. But I don’t think this would be a problem for you?” He gave me a vicious smile staring directly into my eyes. “Good. Before I am going to shave you clean, I can already give you a first advice. Just let me take a closer look.” He leaned forward and cupped one breast moving it to the side. He squeezed it slightly “Mh, yes just as I suspected.” Then he traced a finger of his other hand around my pantyline, pushing in here and there – and he was holding my breast with the other. “Ah, yes, yes. Alright, Dominique. I noticed that your bra and your panties seem to irritate your skin and that this already starts have effects on your connective tissue. You should refrain from wearing underwear for the time being or only the thinnest fabric so that we can see if these effects will decrease. Do you understand?” I nod and understood. I didn’t really want to walk outside like this, but it seemed to be the only logical thing to do. Meanwhile the doctor was fumbling through my clothes and took out my old panties and bra and tossed them in the trash bin. “You won’t be needing these anymore.” -Hey, don’t throw them away!- I thought, but couldn’t bring myself to speak up.
“Now, let’s start with the shaving…”

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At the gynecologist