“We never said I couldn’t touch you,” she giggled.

Something happened to me then. I was poised over my sister, back arched, my cock in her tight grip and it should have been all over for me. I had never reached this height in a climax before, the peak of my orgasmic parabola had always occurred far lower down. The hormone levels in my blood had to be off the charts and my nerve endings were firing like high voltage lines in a puddle of water.live amateur girls at szaab dot com But in that moment I reached deep down inside of myself and, with an effort that felt like it might tear every muscle fiber in my body, and I squeezed down that which was inevitable.

I crushed it with everything I had, harder than she was crushing my shaft, slowing it and slowing it until it paused. It felt my orgasm was like liquid boiling up to the very rim of a pot. Any microsecond it could reach just the right temperature to allow it all to come bubbling up over the edge.
But I held it there as long as I could and then, just as Casey stroked her hand up my shaft, I felt a bubble rise to the top and burst, sending boiling liquid over the edge. A globule shot out the tip of my cock, arced through the air and landed with a wet slap on Casey’s jiggling tits.

She let out a cry, either of triumph or satisfaction and her mouth spread into a relieved grin. She released my cock, but did not stop grinding her hand into her crotch with increasing speed and fervor.

She was making happy little yips and cries as she rode her own hand furiously.

I watched, transfixed with delight as she gasped and went as rigid as if she had just had an electric current pass through her. She arched her back off the bed and grimaced in pleasure as the muscles at her core snagged together like broken gears.

I stood over her, liquid still dripping off the tip of my cock and pooling on her shaking thigh muscle. Then the long spasm broke and she turned to jelly, shuddering and shivering down into a human puddle as the force of her orgasm wracked her body. I had never seen anyone come so hard.

She had curled her entire body around the hand she still had cupped around her gasping sex as she gave involuntary jerks and spasms. Her heavy breathing made her enormous breasts rise and fall like they were on an ocean swell.

Even as she drifted back down from the heights she had achieved, she began to laugh. A low chuckle at first, it rose to a full-throated laugh as she lay on the bed before me.

“Why are you laughing?” I asked.

“Because I just won your fucking car!” She rolled onto her back, her breasts swaying and jerking with her laughter.