Either way, I was able to thrust myself between her meaty mounds several times. I had already gone past the edge before she had stopped earlier, and I had somehow brought myself back through some kind of Jedi mind-discipline I would probably never know again in my life. But it meant that the fuse I had managed to douse a fraction of a second before detonation was now so short as to be almost non-existent.

It was barely relit before I exploded between my sister’s tits.

Hot come spurted up through the narrow fissure between her breasts, dashing against her chin and leaving a couple of sticky strands hanging off her jaw. I fired directly into her chest, watching as more semen bubbled up between her breasts while, at the same time, it streamed down her front.

It was a lot of come and my sister sat there unmoving, taking it without complaint, her mouth slightly agape as the proof of my claims ran down her upper torso and soaked into her shirt.

In the final throes, I had my eyes closed and head thrown back. When I finally released my grip on her tits and looked down I saw I had left most of her body between the neck and her waist covered in my seed. I could still see the red handprints where I had squeezed down hard on her tits during my climax. She was glaring at me under heavy brows and I genuinely thought she was going to hit me.

“Worth it,” was the only thought that entered my mind.

Immensely satisfied, I panted out, “Told you. “Now, give me the phone.”

“No way.”

“Yes way. Give me the phone, Casey. You lost.”

“No way. You fucking cheated!” She said as she stood up and shoved past me. I was still weak and slow from my mind-bending orgasm and failed to put up any resistance.

“How did I cheat?”

“I don’t know, but I am not giving you this.” She held up her phone as she backpedaled through the door.

I was slow to react, mostly because, with her shirt pulled down under her tits and skirt still hiked up, I could still see her incredible naked body. This was made worse by the fact that it all now glistened with a thick basting of my come. With some effort, I finally managed a lame, “Wait, come back.”

But it was too late, she had already turned and had dashed out of her room.

Recovering myself as best I could, I half ran, still hunched over and stark naked, down the corridor and in the direction I had seen her heading.

“Casey, I want that phone!” I yelled, starting to recover as my wilting cock slapped against my thighs with each footfall.

Fortunately, she couldn’t go far, given that she was hardly in a state to leave the house. I eventually cornered her in the living room. She stood behind the sofa, brandishing the phone with one finger on a button, saying “Just one more step, Ed and this goes viral.”