Hi everyone,
Hope everyone doing great in this pandamic, I lik to bring you all my first ever cuckold experience. Which would experience with a cuckold couple in Bangalore. Let me introduce myself, I am karthi working in reputed M’NC, I am 29 year old recently my bday was over, I am above normal looking bachelor to be frank. So let’s begin,

I was living in a apartment and next to my apartment lived a mallu couple (Praveen 37 & Ramya 32), the husband Praveen working is some IT and On the other hand his wife Ramya housewife. She was beautiful and tradition looking lady. Let me explain her structure, she was around 5.9 with perfect curves. Oval face, dark and round eye, with long straight hair a perfect mallu aunty.
My office timing was from morning 10AM to evening 5 PM. Frnds belive me I always had a doubt how this two married because the guy was short and had dark complexion and she was way high to him.
“Yea I understand why in our shool days we learn tht oppst force attract each other’s right” ???.There was no match between him and his wife. I used to see her in saree only and in festivals she always wore tradition kerala saree & loss hair which look perfect on her, but I never spoke to them.

(To make long story short I have skip few things)

One day my family surprisingly visited me at my apartment. But I had been out on some work. By the time I arrived at my apartment. I could see that my mom was having chat with Ramya that moment made me excited as I always wanted to fuck that mallu lady. Then I also joined them and She invited us for tea and that is when I meet her husband we talk for the first time tht conversation went on for 30 mins he was very friendly and very open guys and guys belive me those Half an hrs I cont take my eyes of her she was in yellow cotton saree in which I can see her big tits those are in awesome shape and made me hard.

After that meeting, we use to exchange smile at each other but never spoke much with her but her husband and me become good friends we went to gym and bozze regularly in his or my flat together his wife also join us for drnks sometimes too.
One day she invited me to join her for lunch, as they was celebrating Onam (Kerala festival) and that day night we are having drinks we are talking our topic kept changing and one point she asked about my girlfriend and I told them I had breakup recently only and from no where Praveen asked me have you f**k her? And our topic went on to sex fantasy. Then I come to know that he is cuckold typ guy aft few drnks he was high I didn’t drnk much because I was having meeting next day morning.
Praveen slpt on soft me and Ramya went to balcony and had few drnk. She told that she and her husband are very much intrestd in cuckold fun because he could not satisfied her full needs and that was my moment i volunteerly put my name if you guys are interested i can help you both. She first laughed at me and then she told me if you r serious I will talk to him.
Next day I felt vry guilty what happened last time but we 3 had our regular chat, gym and drnk. I thought they forgot about that nght and I moved on to my normal day to day work.