Candace yelled out to Grant when he stood up from
snorkeling. “I’m going to go back and ask Marisa if she
wants me to watch Jack tonight so that she and John can
have dinner together. Grant waved and Candace turned to
gather her things and walk back to the cabins.

As she neared the three trailers, she heard noises
coming from John and Marisa’s. It sounded like constant
grunting and moaning noises. Confused, she placed her
things on the picnic table and snuck over to the door to
listen. It sounded every bit like a couple having sex.
Was Marisa taking a nap and dreaming? She remembered the
wounds of the woman getting her ass reamed by Flex last

The voice sounded the same. Candace shook her head in
denial. There was no way, her married friend was
sleeping with the black man. She glanced over at Flex’s
trailer. His motorcycle was still there. Candace had to
know what was going on . Her hand was shaking as it
reached for the door to Marisa’s trailer.


Candace gasped in horror. All she could see was the
giant black man crushing the body of a white woman
beneath him. She could see balls dangling between his
legs, but they were bigger than any testicles she’d seen
on a man before. They were more akin to coconuts then
testicles and they were bucking and jerking as they
pumped the woman full of sperm.

Candace crept closer into the room. Flex suddenly sat up
off the woman and Candace confirmed what she already
knew. Her friend Marisa was a cheating adulterous slut.
What came next both horrified and haunted Candace. Flex
yanked his cock out of Marisa’s pussy. It was at its
biggest and hardest when it came. His cock had to have
been every bit of thirteen inches long. She’s heard it
was big, but nothing her mind had pictured could compare
to seeing it before her eyes.

It was still pumping sperm. Strands of the white fluid
were shooting across Marisa’s belly and tits. He then
leaned up over her and jerked off his huge cock, more
jets of his semen shooting right on Marisa’s anniversary
present. The loving image of the husband and wife
holding the baby was drowned in the black man’s sperm
until it disappeared. “AAAHHH!” gasped Candace still
coming down from what must have been a large orgasm.

Marisa and Flex both looked over at the blonde model.
Marisa opened her mouth and screamed in horror.


“You okay?” called John, from the other side of the
bathroom door. “You seem upset about something.”

“Nothing dear,” said Marisa back through the door. She
applied some lipstick and blue eyeliner. She didn’t need
makeup, but when she wore it, she looked stunning. “Just
nervous about tonight,’ she said. Marisa stared into the
mirror. She looked really good. She was getting a little
color in her face from the sun the last few days. She’d
been diligent in using her sunscreen the last few days,
having been burned in the past.