Marisa leaned down to kiss her husband before
dismounting and going to the bathroom to clean off. She
returned with a tissue for him to clean up. She watched
him wipe up the semen from his belly and she couldn’t
help wondering how such a small amount had managed to
make her pregnant with Jack. Speaking of Jack, she went
to check on the baby as John turned the light out and
went to sleep. She heard him snoring quickly thereafter.
Ejaculating tended to put John to sleep faster than any
sleeping pill and tonight was no exception. Jack was
sleeping peacefully.

She peaked out the window towards Flex’s cabin. His
lights were out. Marisa was horny as hell and
desperately wanted to orgasm, but she fought the urge to
sneak over there for a quickie. She’d just made love to
her husband and it was her anniversary for Christ’s
sake. She resolved to stay away from the black man that
night. She and Flex would be fucking for hours tomorrow
if she had her way.

She intended to enjoy his cock so much, she’d get it out
of her system for good and her life as a married mother
would return to normal just as soon as she got home. She
was going to suck his cock dry and even ask him to take
her in the ass again. After that, she wanted it in her
pussy as often as possible. She’d risk feeling his cock
squirting inside her one last day.

Thinking about tomorrow had her hornier than ever. She
still resolved to stay away tonight, but she didn’t get
an urge to step outside for some fresh air. She grabbed
John’s white tee shirt that she used as a nighty. Her
breasts stretched out the top and the hem stopped at mid
thigh. Wearing only that, she stepped outside for a

Two things surprised her as the night air hit her. The
first was that Grant was passed out on the picnic table.
He actually had the empty bottle of tequila tucked under
one arm like a caricature of a drunk. The other thing
that surprised her was the sounds of fucking coming from
Candace and Grant’s cabin. Marisa felt her heart ache as
she tiptoed over towards the cabin. “Fuck me. Fuck me,”
moaned Candace from inside. “Fuck me with that big

“What kind of cock?”

“Your big cock. I love it. I love it.”

“What kind of cock?”

Marisa mouthed the word “black” even as Candace said, “I
don’t know what you mean. I’m sorry. Just don’t stop
fucking me.”

“Turn the light on, slut.”

Marisa heard Candace gasp. No doubt the prissy blonde
had never been called a slut before. The snooping woman
was so close to the window, she could hear Candace
fumbling with the light switch on the lamp beside the
bed. The room was suddenly illuminated and Marisa
blinked, moving her eyes up to the blinds.