“This is so hot,” moaned Candace, looking in awe at the
black man. Marisa had a full on side view. Flex was
kneeling on the bed, cupping Candace’s long thin legs.
“No! No! Don’t pull it out.”

Flex pulled back his hips. Marisa saw his mighty cock
rear up over Candace’s stomach. It was soaked and
glistened in the lamp light. Jealousy engulfed her and
at that moment she hated Candace. “What kind of cock?”
growled Flex.

Candace sat up. She reached out to touch the shiny dark
cock and rubbed her hand all over the slick shaft,
staring at it in reverence. “Black cock,” she said. Flex
pulled his cock back through her hand. She grabbed the
head tightly. “Black cock,” she said again. “And I know
where black cock goes.” Candace bent the head down
towards the entrance to her pussy. “Fuck me with your
black cock.”

Despite her jealousy. It was beautiful watching them
fuck. Flex had opened a flood gate. Candace wouldn’t
shut up about his black cock. “Big black cock. Black
cock so good. I love your black cock. I’m cumming all
over your black cock.” Flex seemed to like it and fucked
her hard giving Candace the pummeling of her life.

Marisa decided her friend had cum at least three times
since the light came on. Her jealousy faded a little.
She almost felt happy for Candace to be experiencing sex
with Flex for the first time. Marisa’s only fear was
that Flex might prefer the skinny blonde to herself.
“Black cock better than white cock.”

“You’re learning fast, slut,” said Flex and Marisa swore
that Candace came hard again at being called a slut.
“But white boy’s don’t have cocks. They got little boy
penises. Real men got cocks. Black men. What do I got?”

“A big black cock,” moaned Candace.

“And what does your husband have?”

“A little boy penis.” Candace told him without
hesitation and Marisa mouthed those exact words along
with the blonde.

“That’s a good little slut,” growled Flex. “Your whore
talk is gonna get me off. I’m gonna seed that white
pussy good.”

“YEESS!! Seed my white puss… NO! Wait, you’re not
wearing a condom. I’m not on the pill.”

Candace looked aghast and Marisa almost wished Flex
would knock her up. Candace was so hung up on her
career, the thought of pregnancy petrified her. Candace
didn’t take birth control, Marisa seemed to remember
Candace complaining that she gained weight on the pill.
Poor Grant always wore a condom. As far as Marisa know,
Flex’s might be the first bareback penis Candace had
ever taken. “Shut up and take my seed, slut.”

Candace’s look quickly went from horrified to amazement
as Flex slammed his hips forward and held his cock
still. “AaarrHRRRHHH!!!” cried Candace, her scream
growing as her orgasm grew. Marisa knew from experience
that the second that big black cock exploded inside your
womb, you started cumming and Candace was no different.
“CUM IN ME!” Marisa winced Candace was so loud. She
glanced over at Grant, but he was out like a light.
“Give me your black seed. SEED MY WHITE PUSSY!”