Flex ate this shit up and Marisa once again feared that
he might prefer Candace over her. The black man pulled
back. No doubt, he planned on marking his conquest. He
liked cumming on his women. His cock, hard and rampant
sprang up, shooting a load of semen from her breasts to
her belly. He sat up a little, jerking his cock.

More semen shot forth, falling across her face and
shooting all over her tits. Her milked a final large
rope of milky white sperm out onto Candace’s cross just
as her had covered Marisa’s anniversary pendant in cum.
He seemed to enjoy drowning out everything his women
stood for with his white semen.

“So good. So good,” moaned Candace licking sperm from
around her lips while rubbing the semen he had sprayed
on her into her skin. “Your black cock felt so good. I
can’t believe you came in me. I’ve never felt a man
squirt inside me before. Now that I’ve felt it, I like

“Don’t worry baby,” said Flex, reassuring her. “I’m
fixed. My last baby practically walked out of Lola. She
made me have a vasectomy. I can cum in that pussy all
you want and you won’t get knocked up.”

“Really?” Candace’s eyes were wide open. “Can… can…
can we do it again?”

“Why don’t you mount this big boy now,” he said, laying
beside her.

Candace quickly straddled him and raised his still erect
cock, lowering her pussy over it. Marisa was too shocked
from his statement. He had a vasectomy? Why hadn’t he
told her? This was her worst possible time and she’d
been scared as hell that she’d be popping out a black
skinned baby sometime next year.
This meant she didn’t have to get Flex out of her system
tomorrow and they could secretly get together as often
as possible.

“Black cock sooooo goooood,” moaned Candace, finally
sitting in his lap and just enjoying the feeling of
being fully impaled on his cock. She ran her hands all
over his chest, loving the contrast between their skin

“Call me a nigger.”

Candace looked horrified. “I can’t do that!”

“Call me a nigger, slut. NOW!”

“You’re a nigger.”

“Now what kind of cock do you love best?”

“Your black cock, Flex.” Candace ground her crotch into
his loving the feeling of being fully penetrated.

“Keep talking shit, girl, but I want you to use nigger
instead of black.” Flex was caressing Candace’s front
with his large black hands. He watched his dark black
hands slide down her waist to her hips over to her flat
belly and up to her breasts. “Now what kind of cock do
you love the best, Candy?”

“Nigger cock, Flex. I love big black nigger cocks. My
pussy… my white pussy loves being stuffed by big
nigger cocks. OH! Oh Fuck! I’m Cu-cumMMIINNGG!!” Candace
laid down on Flex and kissed him passionately. Outside,
Marisa watched the blonde trembling from an orgasm that
seemed to last for minutes. Clearly, Shane has a few
issues, thought Marisa as Candace slowly pushed herself
up of Flex’s hard chest and started riding him again.