“No, that you know how good it is,” said Flex reaching
up to squeeze her breasts. “You’re not gonna tell nobody
about me and Marisa?”

Candace frowned. She didn’t like his bringing up Marisa
when he was fucking her. Marisa outside the window did
like it. “Depends how well you fuck me with that big boy
doesn’t it,” said Candace slyly.

So this was what Flex meant when he’d told Marisa, that
he’d take care of it. His plan was to turn Candace into
as big a slut for his cock as Marisa had become. Marisa
sat outside and watched them fuck for a good forty
minutes longer. The sight was hypnotic and despite her
jealousy, she couldn’t look away. Flex’s cock seemed to
have set off some trigger deep in Candace’s psyche. The
religious model rarely cursed in public or behaved in
anyway untoward, her makeup was perfect and she was
always impeccably dressed, but now that her makeup was
smeared and she was covered in Flex’s sperm and now that
she was willingly cheating on Grant, she was babbling
like a low class whore.

She rode Flex’s shaft hard, babbling about only giving
her white pussy to niggers from then on. Black cock
this, nigger cock that, yadda yadda. Flex ate it up and
seemed to really get off on it. He bucked his hips up
into her descending pussy. At times, Candace seemed to
cum so hard, she went comatose and Flex held her sides
as she went all limp, but he didn’t stop fucking her.

Eventually, he rolled over on his side and had her get
on all fours. He quickly inserted his cock back in her
pussy and took over where he left off. Candace had quit
with her dirty sex talk by this point and just kept
squealing every time he buried his cock in her womb and
by now his thumb was pressing hard against her ass.

The pretty blonde recovered enough to moan, “Give me
your seed, nigger,” as Flex slammed his crotch hard into
hers and pushed her head down hard on the pillow. He
didn’t move his cock at all, letting every little bit of
his cum flood her womb. He grunted as his balls emptied.


Marisa was sitting on the picnic table when Flex walked
out of Grant and Candace’s trailer. His face didn’t
register surprise at seeing her, but hers did. He was
buck naked. His shorts were bunched under his arm.
Marisa still couldn’t get over the size of his cock. It
was soft now, but didn’t appear to have shrunk an inch.
His titanic black banana cock swung between his legs,
hanging down at least a foot from its root. He walked
over and set his clothes down on the picnic table.
“Candace won’t be a problem,” he said

“So I hear. It appears you turned her into a nigger
loving slut.”

Flex grinned. He wrapped his big arms around Grant and
pulled the comatose husband off the bench. Grant was at
least 200lbs, but Flex had no trouble lifting him into
his arms. Grant remained passed out as Flex carried him
up to Grant’s trailer and opened the door. Marisa heard
Flex and Candace talking before Flex reemerged and the
light went out inside the trailer.