“So, you gonna fuck the little slut again?”

“Don’t be jealous,” said Flex, sitting down in one of
the group’s beach chairs. “There’s plenty more for you.
Besides, Candace needed that. I’ve never seen a woman
more desperate for a good fucking then that slut. Grant
must really be a lame fuck. Shame, a body like Candace’s
needs to be serviced regularly.”

“Do you like her better than me?” Marisa felt tears
welling up in her eyes.

“Hell no. I prefer real women to skinny models. Isa, you
is built like a stripper. You should be on the pole with
that hot body.”

“Thanks I think,” she replied, genuinely happy. Marisa
was starting to take pride in her magnificent body.
She’d promised her husband that she’d dress to show off
her new navel piercing and the rest of her body. She
planned on keeping that promise. All John’s friends
would see what a stacked hot wife he had. “We still on
for tomorrow then?”

“Yeah baby. Just you and me, fucking for hours. We’re
gonna do it all tomorrow. I can’t get enough of that
fine body.”

Marisa flushed with pleasure. “So, am I better then

“Hard to say,” he replied, laughing at her petulant
look. “Candy was good, but she forgot to clean my cock
off like a good little slut.” He opened his legs. “Why
don’t you do it?”

Marisa stared at him for a few seconds, then stood up
from the bench. He was staring at her intently. This was
some sort of test. If she refused, would he spend the
day with Candace tomorrow? She looked at his plump limp
cock dangling down between his legs. She couldn’t see
anything on it in the semi-darkness, but undoubtedly it
was covered with both Flex’s and Candace’s cum. She fell
to her knees several feet from the black man and crawled
the rest of the way between his legs.

Marisa kissed and nuzzled his cock, licking the head
before bending down and taking it in her mouth. It was
easy in its softened state. She looked up at him
quizzically. “Even I have my limits,” said Flex. “Don’t
worry, it’ll be fully charged for you tomorrow after I
get a good night’s sleep.”

Marisa sucked on the limp end and it did plump up a
little under her ministrations. Her belly growled in
disappointment. She didn’t want to just clean his cock
off, she wanted a load of his cum in her belly. Marisa
sucked harder, but there was little change. Finally, she
let his limp cock fall from her mouth. It was clean now,
but she wasn’t ready to give up. “I’m in love Flex,” she
told him, still nuzzling his cock.

He sighed. “Here we go.” Flex acted like he’d heard
those words a hundred times before. He grimaced as he
looked down at her. “We just fuck buddies, Isa. Don’t
fall for me.”