Now it was her turn to look exasperated. “I’m not in
love with you. You’re a jerk.” She smiled up at him as
he looked down at her in shock. She kissed his cock
head. “I’m in love with your big nigger cock.” Success!
It swelled and rose a little. “I loved your big black
nigger cock the moment I saw it.” His shaft was sticking
straight out now. She licked the side. “The moment I had
that nigger cock in my married white pussy, I became a
slut for it. I’d do anything for your big black nigger
cock, Flex.” It was sticking straight up now. Marisa
attacked it, sucking the head in her mouth and rapidly
swallowing as much of his shaft as she could.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” said Flex, sitting
back and opening his legs wider as he enjoyed his blow
job. “You know how to treat nigger cock, Isa,” he said
as she swallowed his entire shaft down her throat. He
sat up and leaned forward. His hand grabbed the back of
her tee shirt and pulled it up.

She felt the cool night air on her bare ass and then on
her back. He bunched the shirt up just under her
shoulders and reached under her to squeeze her dangling
breasts. “I’m in love too,” he said. “I love these big
ol lily white titties of yours.” He squeezed her breasts
up to the nipples and then pinched her hard
protuberances. Milk squirted down onto the sand.

Marisa moaned around a mouth stuffed full of cock. Ever
since getting pregnant, her breasts were extra sensitive
and seemed to have a direct line to her pussy. Milk
wasn’t the only thing dripping to the sand. Her arousal
was leaking from her pussy and dripping down her clit.
She wanted him in her again, but she wanted to taste his
sperm too. She could taste his semen now, but it was old
from his time with Candace, not the same as when his
cock was pumping her mouth full of his hot seed. She
could taste something else too and it could only have
been Candace’s pussy juices and cum. It didn’t taste bad
and she wouldn’t have cared anyway. She wanted his cock
in her mouth and it wouldn’t have mattered how bad it

Even if he hadn’t showered in a week, she’d still be
down on all fours cleaning off his funky tasting cock
for him. She wasn’t lying when she said, she loved it.
She wasn’t lying when she said he was a jerk either. She
was lying when she said she didn’t love him. She told
him that yesterday in the throes of an orgasm. Her
feelings were growing for Flex every time they got
together. She didn’t know if she’d ever love him as much
as she loved John and Jack, but she did love him.

“Here it cums, baby,” he grunted.