Candace nodded. She could tell. His cock was swelling up
even bigger. She pulled back until only the head was in
her mouth and she used both hands to jerk the shaft as
rapidly as she could. His hot seed struck the back on
her uvula. It sprayed across her tongue and she
shuddered in delight, loving the taste of his sperm.
Flex really was spent as this load didn’t even
completely fill her mouth. She rolled it around on her
tongue before lovingly swallowing it while jerking the
last few drops out onto her tongue.

“Awesome, baby,” growled Flex.

“Thanks.” Marisa put her hands on his knees and pushed
herself to her feet. Flex sprang into action and leaned
forward, planting kisses on both nipples before she
managed to step back and pull the tee shirt down. He
laughed and sat back in the chair. “You sure, you’re
going to be up for some more fun tomorrow?” she asked,
looking down at the spent cock.

“It hasn’t let me down yet,” he replied.

“Good,” she nodded. “Cause I want to suck your big
nigger cock one more time.” Marisa straddled his legs
and sat down in his lap. “And I want to feel your big
nigger cock shoved up my ass again.” Marisa squealed as
she felt his cock harden between her legs. “And I want
at least two more loads of nigger sperm in my married
white pussy.” She leaned forwards and was surprised when
he parted his lips for a kiss. They kissed passionately,
tongue dueling. “You don’t mind kissing me after I just
sucked your cock,” she whispered, teasingly.

“If you don’t mind kissing me after I tongued Candace’s
pussy and ass hole earlier,” he replied.

“Ass!” Marisa fake slapped him, then kissed him again.
When she dismounted, his cock was half hard and dripping
with her own juices from where she had straddled it.
“Tomorrow, my love,” she told his cock.


“Rise and Shine,” yelled Flex, banging on Grant and
Candace’s door before moving on to Marisa and John’s.
“Wakey, wakey.”

“What’s up?” asked Marisa, sticking her head out the
door. She was already awake with the baby. John was in
the shower.

“Dayumn gurl,” said Flex, looking her up and down. “You
look fine.”

“You bet she does,” agreed John, coming out of the
bathroom with a towel around his waist. He looked at his
wife appreciatively. Marisa was wearing a two piece
green dress. It had spaghetti straps around the
shoulders, showed off her ample cleavage, and stopped
halfway down her ribcage to show off her sexy stomach
and newly pierced navel. The skirt matched and stopped
several inches above the knee. “What’s up?” asked John
moving beside his wife.

“I bought you guys an anniversary gift. Just a little
something to say I appreciate your friendship.”

“Nice of you, Flex, but what is it?” asked John.

“I chartered a boat to take you out diving to a reef.”