John’s eyes widened. “That sounds awesome.”

Candace stepped out of her trailer. Marisa’s eyes
focused on her jealously. The model was wearing one of
her smaller bikinis. The top squeezed her breasts
together to give her cleavage. The bottom was a full
panty, but it was skimpy and low cut. It was so low,
Marisa was surprised that the tops of her pubes hadn’t
popped out. She was also wearing eyeliner and makeup.
Candace looked like she was ready for a photo shoot.
“What’s going on?” she asked, moving up next to Flex and
standing so close, their skin almost touched. “I can’t
get Grant out of bed.”

“I chartered a boat for John and Isa’s anniversary. You
and Grant too. You know I don’t like being stuck out on
a boat, so I’m just gonna take a bike ride around Key
West, but I hope you guys have a great time.”

“I’m sure we will,” said John excitedly.

“I don’t know honey,” said Marisa, frowning. “I don’t
want to have the baby out in the hot sun on the open
water. Me neither for that matter. You know my skin.”

“You’re right. Thanks Flex, but I guess we shouldn’t
go,” said John, looking disappointed.

“Don’t worry about me John. I’ll take Jack into Key West
and we can go shopping. I want you to go and have a good

Flex looked sad. “Sorry Isa. I guess I wasn’t thinking.
John, you gotta go. The charter boat captain guarantees
seeing rays, some sharks, and the reef even has a
resident turtle.”

“Wow!” said John. He looked over at his wife.

“I said go,” argued Marisa. “Honestly, I’d be thrilled
to spend some time alone with Jack playing tourist and

Grant stumbled out of his house. He was wearing only
shorts. His hair was disheveled and he had a five
o’clock shadow. “Oh god,” he groaned. “Somebody turn the
sun off.” He pulled some shades out of his pants pocket
and put them on to cover his eyes. “What’s all the

Flex filled Grant in on the boating trip and he perked
up a little. “What about gear?”

“It’s covered in the charter. Now the boat leaves in an
hour so get moving.

The group began gathering their things together. Marisa
was helping, but Jack suddenly got hungry and she had to
pause to feed him. John apologized profusely, telling
Marisa what a wonderful wife she was. He left her breast
feeding Jack and joined Candace in Grant’s car. Flex
climbed on his motorcycle to lead them to the marina.
Soon they were off.

Twenty minutes later, Flex was carrying Grant’s cooler
onto the boat. Candace was standing on the dock watching
the men work. The charter captain, an old Cuban, was
eyeing the blonde with delight. He usually didn’t go out
cruising with women of her caliber. Grant groaned as the
boat rocked. “I swear Flex, I think you got me drunk on
purpose last night just so I’d be miserable on this