Flex threw back his head and laughed. “I can honestly
swear I didn’t get you drunk last night so that you’d be
miserable today.” The big black man turned and winked at
Candace. “Now if you guys are ready, I’ll be off.” He
went and straddled his bike. “Have fun.” Flex started
the engine and roared off.

Candace watched him go. There he goes, she thought. No
doubt, he’s going to give that big breasted whore a good
fuck. Well I could use a good fuck too. Candace turned
to her husband. “Grant, honey. This isn’t really my
thing you know.”

“I know honey,” said Grant. “I appreciate you being so
understanding and all.”

“Well then, would you mind if I skipped out and joined

“No, not at all. That is if you’re sure. I will miss

“No you won’t. You’re going to be in the water the whole
time, with that underwater digital camera of yours
taking pictures and all I’d do is lay out on the deck
and tan.”

Grant looked sheepish. John jumped in. “Actually, I’d be
happier knowing someone else was there to keep an eye on

“I’ll be happy to and I can help her with Jack. I
enjoyed babysitting the other night.”

They said their goodbyes. Candace kissed Jack while the
old Cuban looked crestfallen to lose such a beautiful
passenger. Candace waited on the dock until the boat
pulled away and cleared some cypress trees with some
pelicans in it entering the channel. Then she turned and
hurried to her car. She hoped to intercept Flex before
he got to Marisa. She wanted his nigger cock in her
pussy as soon as possible.


Flex’s motorcycle roared up and cut off by his trailer.
He looked around, but didn’t see Marisa anywhere. He
opened the door and stepped into his trailer and froze
with delight. The stunning pale skinned red head was
laying naked on his bed. “Baby’s napping,” she told him,
nodding towards the baby monitor. “Let’s hurry before he
wakes up.”

Flex’s clothes were off in a second. He pulled his
trunks down. He wasn’t wearing his workout briefs. His
cock was already springing up ready for action.

“Looks like that night’s sleep worked,” said Marisa,
staring hungrily at his cock. She leaned up as he walked
over to her, bending down to take his cock in her mouth.
Once it was good and wet, she grabbed the mammoth member
and guided it towards her hungry pussy. She rubbed the
head along her slit and pulled him forwards. “Give me
that big black nigger cock.”

Flex growled and pushed forwards. It still took a bit
for her pussy to give in to the pressure and open for
the large purplish cock head, but it did and his cock
slipped inside. He hunched over her then kissed her,
pushing her back onto the bed.