Flex fell on top of her, his powerful body embracing
hers. He worked the end of his cock around in her pussy,
pushing it deeper and deeper as he bent over her to kiss
her. His fingers pinched her nipple as he slowly began
fucking her. Marisa had her first orgasm of the day when
his cock bottomed out in her pussy. “I love your cock so
much,” she moaned, kissing his neck.

“I know,” he replied.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had a vasectomy. I’ve been
scared to death you might have knocked me up.”

“Yet you kept right on fucking me.”

“I couldn’t resist after the first time. It feels so
good when you cum in me.”

“It’s hotter when you think there’s a risk. How did it
feel knowing that I might be planting a black baby in
that belly?”

“Hot,” she agreed, writhing beneath him. “Scary, but

“It is hot, Isa. Think how good looking our child would
be. “I wish I could put a black baby in you.” Flex
lifted his upper torso off the bed with his strong arms.
He started working his cock in and out of her faster.

Marisa’s hip immediately leaped up into his thrusts. “I
wish you could to.”

“Then I’m gonna do it, Isa. I’m gonna put a nigger baby
in your belly.”

“Do it,” she hissed. “Seed me.” God, it was hot. “Plant
your nigger baby in my womb, you big black stud.”

“Here it cums, slut,” he growled. “Here comes my seed.”

“Do it! Seed me now!” Marisa grabbed his back so hard,
she pulled herself off the bed just as Flex buried his
cock in her to the root and the first strong load of his
ejaculate started filling her womb. “AH AH AARRGGHH!!”
she screamed as she came. This time was different as
Flex didn’t yank his cock out to shoot a few wads across
her belly or chest like he seemed to enjoy. This time,
he just held his cock still to make sure she got every
last drop of his seed planted in her womb.

His cock wasn’t moving in and out of her, but she could
still feel it bucking inside her, each leap sending more
of his seed deep into her fertile womb. Each jerk of his
cock seemed to prolong her own orgasm. Marisa grew weak
and couldn’t cling to him any longer. She dropped off
his chest and fell to the bed.

He lowered himself on top of her so that his cock didn’t
move much out of her pussy. When he was finally done
ejaculating, her womb felt bloated it was so full of
semen. Still Flex didn’t remove his cock. He held it
buried in her, plugging her full of his sperm. He was
playing their little game of pretend impregnation to the
maximum. When finally He started withdrawing his cock,
her womb contracted as it pushed some of the sperm out.
Marisa sighed in relief. Her head turned looking around
Flex. “Oh shit!” she exclaimed.