“Should I go see if Candace is feeling any better? I
don’t want her watching Jack if she’s sick.”

“No, I’ll check on her.” Marisa held her hand out and
watched it shaking. Candace had fled to her trailer and
locked the door. She hadn’t answered any of Marisa or
Flex’s knocks or answered their cries to come out and
talk. One word from Candace and her life would be

“Why are you nervous about tonight?”

Marisa swallowed nervously and opened the door to the
bathroom. “I’m nervous about wearing this.” She posed,
leaning on the doorway.

“Ohmygodyouarefuckinghot,” cried John, a smile of
delight on his face.

“Thank you.”

“I can see your nipples through that top.”

Marisa flushed. She was wearing a tight green tank top.
“The bra was driving me crazy, so I left it off.”

“I’m not complaining.” Her husband stared down at her
belly, lustfully. His eyes were wide.

The rest of Marisa’s outfit consisted of tight white
shorts. Her feet were adorned with sandals with short
heels. She’d painted her nails green. Not only was her
tank top tight, but it was short too. The top was low
and showed off her amble cleavage, while the bottom
stopped halfway down her ribs, showing off her bare

It wasn’t tight and flat like Candace’s, but it still
looked good on display even with some extra baby weight.
John had always had a weird belly fetish. He loved her
navel, liked kissing and tonguing it when they were
intimate. He’d always wanted her to show it off more,
but Marisa had always preferred hiding her body under
bulkier clothing. “You look nice too.”

John winked. He put his hands in his pockets and leaned
back like he was modeling. He was wearing khaki pants
and a black colored shirt. “Let’s get going.”

The pair walked outside. Grant was sitting at the picnic
table playing poker with Flex. A near full bottle of
tequila sat beside them. “Damn Marisa, you look good,”
said Flex.

Marisa felt the color drain from her cheeks and her
nipples growing hard. They started poking out through
her top. He smirked, knowing the effect his attention
had on her body. “Thank you,” she replied.

“Thanks for watching Jack,” said John to Grant. “Is
Candace feeling any better?”

“I’m alright,” said Candace opening the door to her
trailer and stepping out to join the group. She looked
pale and shaky.

“You sure you’re well enough?” asked John. He didn’t
want Jack catching whatever bug Candace might have had.
She gone for a country girl look. Candace had shot cut
off jean shorts on and a plaid shirt, tied up between
her breasts to show off her belly. She also had on a
straw cowboy hat. Candace looked like a professional
model wherever they went. She had a snow bunny look when
they went skiing, a sexy business professional outfit, a
sexy librarian look she wore once wine tasting, a black
goth dress with dark makeup at a nightclub, and many