Flex looked over his shoulder. “What are you doing

Candace stared at them from Flex’s doorway. “I told the
guys that I was going to go shopping with Marisa,” she
exclaimed watching Flex slowly back off the red head.
His cock was still a rock hard monster. Now it was shiny
and wet in its rampant state. Marisa’s pussy was a
gaping hole, slowly turning white as his semen began
flooding from her well fucked pussy. “I was hoping for
some more of that,” she said, nodding towards Marisa’s
sperm filled vagina.

Flex approached the lovely blonde. “Well you’re in luck
then,” he said, grabbing the back of her neck. He pushed
her forwards. “That’s still fresh.” Flex pushed Candace
down towards Marisa’s pussy.

“Flex what are you…?” asked Marisa in shock as her
friend’s head was suddenly buried in her pussy. “AAHH!”
she squealed as she felt Candace’s tongue began lapping
up sperm. “Candace?” she asked in alarm, but her only
reply was a moan of contentment and Candace’s tongue
flickering between the folds of her labia before moving
up to flicker over her distended clitoris. Of its own
volition, Marisa’s crotch started lifting up into
Candace’s tongue.

Candace licked Flex’s sperm from Marisa’s pussy as
rapidly as she could and the river of semen was turning
from a flicker to a flood. Marisa’s pussy had kept it
hot and it tasted good and fresh. She worked her fingers
into Marisa’s pussy while sucking the red head’s rather
large bloated clitoris between her lips. Marisa, to
Candace’s intense satisfaction, had a large orgasm, her
contractions forcing more sperm from her pussy. Isa even
had one hand in Candace’s blonde hair pulling her face
deeper into her needy pussy.

Neither Flex nor Marisa knew it, but this wasn’t
Candace’s first time between a woman’s legs. Candace had
an encounter with her college roommate. Candace had
woken from a deep sleep to find her roommate between her
legs one night. It was too late for Candace to stop her
and her roommate quickly brought her to orgasm. She then
taught Candace how to please a woman and Candace had
enjoyed giving as well as receiving so much, she feared
she might be a lesbian. Both her parents and her
religion taught that homosexuality was a sin, so Candace
told her roommate that it was only a onetime thing.

They did it twice more. The next time Candace got so
drunk at a party, her roommate had no trouble getting
her into bed a second time. Their last encounter,
Candace had been drunk again and horny. That time, she
initiated the sex, kissing her startled roommate smack
on the lips in the middle of a room full of delighted
frat boys. The two women ran from the party and soon
found themselves in the sixty-nine position on Candace’s
bed. There were no more encounters, but Candace often
dreamed about her ex-roommate and sometimes other women
including other models she worked with and often Marisa.