In her dreams, she was often the man shoving his spear
into the woman. Sometime when making love to Grant, she
even fantasized that she was her husband. Now, years
later, Candace found herself between Marisa’s legs,
looking up her sexy white undulating belly to her
magnificent milk-laden breasts and her beautiful face
moaning in ecstasy and Candace realized she was fully

Flex was pleasantly surprised to see Candace give in to
going down on her friend so quickly. Women usually did
what he said in the long run, but not only had Candace
gone down without argument, but she appeared to be good
at it. Marisa had looked on in horror at first, but now
her entire body was writhing sinuously under Candace’s
skillful ministrations.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” said Flex, pulling
Candace’s bikini bottoms down her ass and legs to the
floor. He stepped behind her and lined his black cock up
with Candace’s pussy. It was soaking wet and looked
ready for him as he pushed his cock into her.

Candace grunted, her face pushing hard into Marisa’s
pussy. He reached up and untied the string around her
neck. Candace’s bikini top fell to the floor leaving her
as naked as Marisa. He grabbed her hips and began
fucking her pussy from behind. He looked at his friend’s
two wives. This wasn’t his first threesome, nor even his
second or third, but he couldn’t recall ever having two
hotter women before. This was going to be a good day.

Marisa came hard in Candace’s face. “No more,” she
whispered. Her genitals had turned so sensitive they
couldn’t take much more. Now, with Flex behind Candace
fucking her steadily, Candace’s tongue was pushing deep
inside Marisa’s pussy with each pounding of Flex’s cock.
“No more,” she said, louder.

Candace heard her this time. She raised her head out of
Marisa’s pussy. Marisa saw that the pretty blonde’s
mouth and chin were soaked. She looked up at Flex. He
winked at her. She looked back down at Candace. Grant’s
wife appeared drunk with pleasure. Her eyes were lidded
and she had a dull smile on her face. Candace bent her
head down and kissed the red patch of pubic hair between
Marisa’s legs.

Flex’s thrusts were pushing the blonde forwards. Candace
licked and kissed under Marisa’s belly button and then
kissed her navel itself, putting her lips right on the
green emerald. Her mouth and tongue moved up Marisa’s
rib cage to her swollen breasts and erect nipples.
Marisa moaned as Candace took a hard nipple into her
mouth. The red head felt milk spray from her breasts
into Candace’s mouth. This only encouraged Candace to
suck harder.

Marisa groaned and placed her hand in Candace’s hair,
holding her to her breast, though her head was thrust
forward with each stab of Flex’s cock. Marisa had never
fantasized about a woman or even dreamed she’d ever be
doing something like this, but pleasure was pleasure and
Candace knew what she was doing. Their soft bodies felt
good smashed together. It wasn’t long before Flex had
pushed Candace fully on top of Marisa. Their heights
were close to each other.