Flex’s heavy testicles began slapping against Marisa’s
pussy as he fucked Candace. The blonde brought her lips
down to Marisa’s. Marisa fought it at first, keeping her
lips tightly closed, but she gave in, opening her mouth
and letting Candace’s tongue inside to duel with her own
tongue. Just as Candace was cumming, Marisa had a small
orgasm as Flex’s balls kept smacking her sensitive labia
and clitoris. He’d just managed to get two women off at
the same time.

Flex saw them kissing. It was too much for the black
man. “Here it comes Candy. I’m gonna seed that pussy

Candace had been softly moaning as she passionately
kissed Marisa. Her moans grew. Marisa opened her eyes to
see that Candace’s eyes were wide open. Candace sucked
Marisa’s lower lip into her mouth and softly screamed in
delight. Marisa felt hot fluid dripping onto her crotch
from Candace’s pussy. Candace suddenly arched her back,
releasing Marisa’s lips and cried, “Give me your nigger
cumMING! AAAHHH!” She buried in head in the pillow next
to Marisa’s head.

Marisa watched Flex over Candace’s shoulder. The black
man’s cock appeared, rampant and swollen in all its
glory rising up above Candace’s ass. She watched the eye
open and a long string of his white sperm shot forth
from the head. Marisa closed her eyes just as the end of
the strand fell down on her forehead and across her
face. Another strand fell on her lips and Flex’s grunts
assured her that even more of his semen was covering
Candace’s back.

Marisa’s tongue came out to lick the sperm around her
mouth. She raised her hand to wipe some semen off her
eyelids before she could open them again. Flex pushed
the two women apart and then laid down between them.
They both leaned into him, their naked bodies pressed
into his, their hands feeling his huge chest as they
came down from their orgasmic high.

After a short rest, Candace’s stomach growled. “Hungry?”
asked Flex. “Why don’t you go down and rustle up some
black sausage to eat.”

“Yum,” she purred, “Gladly.” Candace kissed down the
black man’s chest, moving her lips towards his giant

“You too, Isa,” he said.

“Yes, Flex,” she replied.

Marisa moved her body down to the foot of the bed and
sidled up next to Candace. The blonde had the tip of
Flex’s cock in her mouth and it was rejuvenating
rapidly. Candace grabbed the base and pushed his cock up
so that she could move her mouth down to lick his balls.
Marisa saw her opportunity and leaned over to suck on
the end of Flex’s cock.

For the next twenty minutes, the two married women
shared the thirteen inch black cock between them. Marisa
was slightly miffed that Candace had joined them, she
had wanted Flex all to herself for most of the day and
she hadn’t wanted to share sucking on his cock with
anyone, but she had to admit, Candace was very generous
with it. The blonde would suck on it, taking his shaft
deep down her throat and then pull it free of her mouth,
aiming the huge cock over to Marisa who then mirrored
what Candace had been doing.