During one of Marisa’s turns, she had managed to swallow
the whole shaft to the root, when she felt one of
Candace’s fingers teasing her pussy. Candace proceeded
to finger her for a good five minutes while Marisa
bobbed her head over Flex’s shaft. She began to choke
and needed a break so Marisa quit sucking and pointed
the enormous cock over towards Candace. Marisa then
decided to return the favor and moved her fingers over
to Candace’s pussy.

She’d never done anything like this before, but then
this weekend had been full of first time experiences.
The heat and wetness of Candace’s pussy surprised the
red headed woman. Candace seemed thrilled to have Marisa
fingering her and humped Marisa’s fingers like wild
until she actually had a small orgasm that was still
strong enough to make her gag on Flex’s cock.

“Gonna cum, girls,” groaned Flex.

Candace had just passed his cock back to Marisa. Marisa
started bobbing her head faster knowing her reward was
coming. She could feel the giant shaft hardening and the
head was swelling as his orgasm approached. She pulled
her head back wanting his load in her mouth. Candace had
one hand on his shaft jerking it as fast as she could so
Marisa used her hands to fondle his balls.

Flex’s cock erupted.

Candace waited until Marisa’s cheeks bulged out before
she yanked his cock over to her own mouth. It erupted
between the two women before the head found its way into
Candace mouth and continued ejaculating across her
tongue. She swallowed two loads before Marisa had
managed to wrap her hands around the shaft and pulled it
free. His cock cleared Candace’s mouth and blew a load
in her face before Marisa had gotten her lips around the

Candace pulled it back, but Marisa fought her this time.
They ended up cheek to cheek while Flex’s cock shot it’s
last three wads into both their faces. Finally, Candace
relaxed and Marisa leaned forward to lick the remaining
cum off his cock head. Candace was generous again,
jerking his shaft so that a few more squirts of his seed
filled Marisa’s mouth.

Candace bent down and licked his shaft while Marisa
didn’t want to relinquish the head. Candace licked
upwards forcing Marisa to back off a little. They ended
up sharing the head, both their tongues licking the
swollen black helmet. Their tongues danced around each
other and then they were kissing again while Flex’s cock
head bobbed beside their cheeks. The kiss was passionate
and only broken when Candace pulled back to lick some of
the sperm from Marisa’s nose and then her cheeks and
lips. Marisa did the same, cleaning Candace’s face with
her tongue. Flex’s sperm was now cold, but it was still

“Why don’t you two get cleaned up,” said Flex. “You can
use my shower.”

“Alright,” said Marisa. “You can go first Candace.”