“It’ll be quicker if we shower together, said Candace
pulling Marisa to her feet and towards the bathroom.

Candace grabbed a bar of soap and started running it all
over Marisa’s body the second they were under the hot
water. The shower was tight and the women were forced to
press their bodies together. Candace’s hard nipples were
pushing against Marisa’s. Marisa still wasn’t bi or gay,
but the physical contact was nice. Candace’s soft
feminine body felt good to touch and caress. This time
Marisa pulled her tight and kissed her. Candace moaned
from the passion of Marisa’s kiss. Their lips parted.
“Please say we can get together again for some more
fun?” Candace’s eyes pleaded with her.

“I-I’d like that,” said Marisa.

“Thank you,” said Candace kissing her. “Maybe a girls
only weekend. Just you and me.” She kissed her again. “I
can bring a big dildo.” She kissed her again. “I’ll get
a big strap on black dildo.” She kissed her. “Maybe I
could fuck you with it.”

Marisa was shocked by how kinky Candace was turning out
to be. She pictured the gorgeous blonde kneeling between
her legs with a plastic black cock that looked just like
Flex’s strapped to her pussy. “Maybe,” she said,
thinking about it.

The curtain pulled open. “I wanna watch this,” said
Flex, standing in the doorway.

Candace slipped behind Marisa so that the red head was
facing Flex. She reached around the new mother and
cupped Marisa’s breasts. “You like these big white
breasts?” asked Candace before kissing Marisa’s neck.

“I sure do,” said Flex, approvingly.

“And these big hard nipples?” Candace pinched and tugged
on Marisa’s nipples. A little milk came out, but Flex
couldn’t notice through the shower spray. “Is your big
nigger cock getting hard again looking at this white
body?” Candace ran the palm of one hand down Marisa’s
smooth pale white body and across her sexy belly. Her
fingers ran across Marisa’s red pubic hairs, now darker
from being wet. “And this hot pussy?” Marisa gasped as
Candace’s fingers slipped over her clit. “I see your big
nigger cock is ready!”

Flex’s cock was sticking straight out again. “Get your
white asses back on the bed, sluts,” he ordered.

Marisa and Candace stepped out of the shower. They dried
each other off. They were heading back to the bed where
Flex was lying, holding his cock up when Jack started
crying through the baby monitor. “Shit!” said Marisa.
“He’s hungry.” She bent down to get her dress.

“Leave it,” ordered Flex. “I want you to stay naked.”

“But?” Marisa looked at him. His expression was serious.
She opened the door and peered out. Their trailers were
arranged in little cul-de-sacs and no one would see her.
“Alright,” she said, flicking the switch on the baby
monitor so that they could have a two way conversation
if need be. She slipped out the door, feeling the hot
sun strike her bare skin.