Her fair white skin hadn’t tanned despite wearing little
but the small bikini all weekend, but then she was
diligent with her sunscreen. The sun had brought out
some freckles though. They were appearing on her cheeks
and the tops of her breasts. She walked nude from Flex’s
cabin, past the grill, the picnic table and up to her

Jack reached for her breasts the moment she picked him
up. He needed changing too, but for now he was just
hungry. She flickered a nipple across his lips until he
latched on and started sucking.

“WHOA!” The sound came from the monitor and Marisa
glanced at it.

“Wrong hole,” came Candace’s voice.

“Shut up,” said Flex.

“You’re too big for that,” complained Candace.

“Isa took me, you can too.”

“Jesus, just go easy ok? Aargh!! OHGOD! It hurts!”

“You ain’t a true slut until you’ve had a nigger cock in
every hole, Candy.”

Marisa listened intently as Flex broke Candace’s ass in.
She was jealous again as she’d wanted to experience anal
sex one more time. She did take some pride in the fact
that Candace was having a harder time taking the thick
shaft, but then her ass was a lot bonier then Marisa’s.
It took awhile, but the sobs and groans were turning to

“Fuck.” Marisa had to crane her neck to hear as
Candace’s words were so soft. “Fuck. Fuck. Do it. Fuck
my ass. FUCK MY ASS! Shove that big nigger cock deep. I
fucking love it. Fuck my white ass with that big black

Marisa changed Jack. He reached back up for her nipple,
but his attempts were half hearted and his eyes were
lidded. “I’m a true slut now, Flex. I’ve taken you in
every hole and I like it. I’m your slut. Keep fucking
your white slut’s ass.” SLAP “Spank your slut, nigger.”
SLAP “OHGOD” SLAP “Spank my slut ass, master.” SLAP

Marisa fixed the diaper. Jack was asleep. She put him
back down in the playpen and boldly walked naked across
the yard. She opened the door to Flex saying, “Here it
comes, slut.”

“Fill my ass with your nigger cum, master,” screamed

Marisa stared at the couple. Candace’s ass cheeks were
now bright red. The black man had nearly eight inches of
cock buried into her ass. Flex had his eyes closed and
was gritting his teeth, clearly cumming. As was his
habit, he pulled back and yanked his cock out. The
rampant shaft sprang up and launched a long string of
semen from the back of Candace’s blonde hair down to the
small of her back and onto her ass cheeks.

He jerked a few more strands out and then collapsed on
the bed. Candace fell on her arms, ass sticking up in
the air. Marisa noticed she had one hand between her
legs and was slowly diddling her clit as Flex’s sperm
started welling up in her ass to trickle down to her
pussy and fingers.