“I’m about spent, ladies,” said the exhausted black man.

Marisa walked over to the bed. “One more time,” she
said, straddling him. His cock hadn’t shrunk yet and she
lifted it up lowering her needy pussy over it. “I want
you in me one more time.”

“Jesus Isa,” he groaned. “I’m only human.”

“No you’re not,” she replied, riding him. “You’re a god.
Let me worship your black cock with my white pussy,

“FUCK!” he groaned, slamming his hips up into her
descending pussy. “Now that’s what I’m talkin about.”

Marisa rode him hard, leaning forwards so that he could
wrap his black lips around her erect nipples. “I want
your black seed in my womb again,” she moaned. “I want
your nigger cum. Give me your cum, master.”

“You’ll get it slut,” he growled. Flex’s eyes suddenly
widened in surprise. “That’s it lick my balls.”

Marisa glanced behind her. Candace had moved over and
had her face down on the bed, licking Flex’s splayed out
scrotum. She licked and kissed up the base of Flex’s
shaft. Marisa leaned forwards, burying her boobs in
Flex’s face. The tip of his cock was spreading her pussy
lips out as she slowly fucked just the tip. She felt
Candace’s tongue between her ass cheeks and then her
tongue was sliding across the exposed part of Flex’s
cock head and Marisa’s labia. The tongue teased her,
moving out of the way when Marisa started riding Flex
again. Candace’s tongue moved up between her ass cheeks,
teasing her anus. Both Flex and Marisa groaned.

Marisa slammed her pussy down over Flex’s cock, grinding
their crotches together. Then she leaned forward and
teased him again, fucking just the tip. Candace’s tongue
returned to their conjoined crotches, licking off their
combined juices. This went on for awhile. Marisa had
several orgasms. “More Flex. More. Please tell me we can
fuck again.”

“We’ll fuck again. I plan of fucking both of ya whenever
I can.”

“I’m your slut, Flex,” screamed Marisa. She came hard,
collapsing on his crotch.

“Prepare to get seeded, slut.” He still needed a few
more strokes to get it out, but Marisa had collapsed. He
lifted her up easily, bucking his hips up into her.

“All of it,” she whispered in his ear. “I want every
last drop inside me.”

Marisa got her wish. He came and she had one final giant
orgasm as she felt him seeding her pussy with his sperm.
He should have been drained dry by this point, but it
still felt like he was hosing her insides with a
gallon’s worth of semen. She had the fleeting thought
that she should thank god that he’s had a vasectomy for
he surely would have impregnated her this weekend if he
hadn’t. But she also knew that she was hooked. Even if
he were fertile, she would have kept right on fucking
him. The pleasure of fucking him bareback and feeling
his ejaculate in her womb was worth any consequences.
Marisa collapsed on his chest.