Marisa came to her senses. She was laying on his hard
chest, his plump cock still in her, but it had gone
soft. Candace had sidled up next to Flex and was cradled
in his arm. Marisa sat up a little, arching her back and
Flex’s lips quickly found her right nipple. He started
licking and sucking her erect nipple, her milk squirting
in his mouth. She was surprised when Candace joined him.
The blonde also wrapped her lips around Marisa’s left
nipple and started sucking. She moaned and started

Flex’s cock still stuffed her pussy though it had gone
soft. She couldn’t help herself. The pleasure from
having her pussy stuffed full of cock, from the pleasure
radiating out from her sensitive nipples, and the sheer
relief she was feeling in her breasts and the pressure
from all her milk abated had her cumming one last time.

Flex and Candace sensed she was done and they both
released her nipples, their heads falling back on the
pillows. Marisa wriggled herself free. His cock plopped
out, followed by a flood of his semen. She rolled off
him and snuggled up in his other arm. She and Candace
ran their hands lovingly all over his hard chest.

“I could use another load,” purred Candace, fondling his
cock. It hung limp over her hand. It was still thirteen
inches long and as thick as her wrist, but it was soft
as a noodle, wet and sticky from all his and Marisa’s

“Enough ladies,” he said. “I’m spent. You drained my
balls dry with that last fuck, Isa.”

“My pleasure,” she moaned. “And I mean that.”

“Besides, you need to go get cleaned up to go pick up
your husbands.”

“When can we fuck again?” asked Candace.

“Me too.”

“I’ll come by when I can. I can probably visit you Isa
about once a month. You’re a little more out of the way.

“Damn! What about next month? Aren’t Grant and John
going fishing for a weekend?”

“Yeah, they invited me, but I got a competition.” Flex

Candace and Marisa were both running their hands over
the black man’s bulging muscular chest. Candace slid her
hand over to Marisa’s and held it. “Maybe we can get
together that weekend?”

“Alright,” said Marisa, feeling Candace squeeze her hand
in response. They continued to hold hands.
“I don’t think I can live with seeing you only once a
month.” Marisa kissed one of his muscles.

“Me neither. I need you now.” Candace kissed him too.

“My oh my,” he said. “I got a couple of addicts on my

“Once you’ve had Flex…” reminded Marisa.

Flex chuckled. “If you need it that bad, you might want
to think about spreading them legs for some other niggas

“You’re not suggesting?” Candace asked.

“I am. Now there’s no other niggas out there like me,
but if either of you know any brothers, big build, big
feet, acting like the own everything. They’ll take care
of those horny white pussies for ya.”