“There’s this lawyer at the office,” said Marisa. She
was a legal aid in a law firm, but was on extended
maternity leave. She and John were working out whether
or not she should resign entirely and be a stay at home
mom or send Jack to daycare.

“Is he a big guy?”

“He’s big, ex-pro football player. Good looking too, but
he’s almost sixty. He’s a real flirt with all the ladies
even though he’s married. He’s come on to me a couple
times, but I thought it was unprofessional.”

“You should fuck him,” said Flex.

“No, I couldn’t,” she replied. Maybe. I have his number.
Could I? He’d be discreet.

“You’re lucky Marisa,” laughed Candace. “The only big
black guy I know works for the agency and he’s no

“What is he?” asked Flex.

“He does odd jobs for us. I think he’s got a mild case
of Downs. The agency hired him through some firm that
seeks to place handicapped people. He’s huge and does a
lot of heavy lifting and some janitorial work. I don’t
know if he’s even ever had sex.”

“There’s a brother that needs some white pussy bad

“Probably, but he’s not very good looking and he’s in
his fifties.”

“Fuck him anyway,” said Flex.

“I’ll wait for you,” she replied, but Candace was
already thinking about the janitor. He was an all around
big guy. Gentle as a rabbit, but he was huge. He had a
big head, thick neck, big arms, and Candace was sure he
would have something big under his work trousers too.

Marisa broke her grip with Candace’s hand and slid hers
down Flex’s stomach to his penis. She hefted the thick
slab of dark meat. “You sure you’ve had enough?” she
asked, stroking his cock.

“Hey! If that thing gets hard, it’s my turn,” complained

Flex’s cock did seem to plump up a little, but it didn’t
harden. “See, I guess I’m just a man after all,” he

“Yeah, but you’re a real man with a real man’s cock and
you know how to use it,” sighed Marisa. Jack started
crying through the monitor.

“You call this a real man?” asked Candace. “Why he’s
only managed to get it up five times today and he’s only
managed to satisfy two women. A real man would be good
for another dozen or so times.”

“You want me to spank that white ass again?” asked Flex.

“Maybe,” giggled Candace.

“I’d better go,” said Marisa as Jack’s cries grew
louder. “I need to clean up and I think the baby’s going
to be active for awhile.”

“You better go too Candy,” said Flex. “The boat should
be docking soon and Grant and John will need a lift

Candace stood and retrieved her bikini. Both women were
still messy and needed showers. Neither dressed not
wanting to mess up their clothes. Marisa opened the door
and peeked out to make sure no one was around. “Girls,”
said Flex before they left. They turned to look at him.
“This had been fun. I love you both.”